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writingfast-istockDo you have burning questions about writing, publishing, or marketing, or need help with creativity and brainstorming, motivation, productivity, self-confidence, and smashing through procrastination? Or perhaps someone to go through some of your writing and give feedback to help you polish and make it submission-ready or bestseller material?

I’ve been there, and know how valuable it is to have someone in the industry to help you out and provide tailored advice or feedback… sometimes it can mean the difference between getting published or not, finding an agent or not, having a successful book or not, and even having a fulfilling and satisfying creative career or not.

I get a lot of messages and requests to read or critique manuscripts, chapters, synopses, provide feedback on story ideas, have phone calls, coffee dates, provide email advice, answer questions, and provide industry information and publishing advice. I love to help other writers, write articles and blog posts, and give tips whenever I can, but due to my time restraints, multiple deadlines, and responsibilities I’m unable to respond to all requests or give the sort of detailed information that might be needed in order to help writers get the best advice. So I’ve created some time in my schedule for limited bookings to help writers in a more professional, productive, and beneficial way…. Below is a list of services currently available and coming soon for those who would like one-on-one advice and support to boost their writing and career and achieve their goals!

…But first, why work with me?

In my eight years of writing both fiction in multiple genres and non-fiction, and almost five years of being published, I’ve had seventeen books traditionally published with three publishers in a combination of ebook, print, and audio, signed with a literary agent in the USA, been nominated for awards, attended numerous conferences and workshops to further my knowledge, and worked with a variety of industry professionals on my own work. I’m also an experienced competition judge volunteering with RWA (Romance Writers of Australia).

In addition I work as an intuitive self-empowerment coach to help people break through blocks and live their best life, I have counselling training, experience working one-on-one with people from my past career in the health industry, and am also an award-winning marketer.

With this knowledge and experience I aim to provide practical and effective advice, feedback, and guidance, delivered in a compassionate and inspiring way, to help writers achieve their goals and become more empowered and confident in their writing life.

**I’m currently taking a limited number of bookings for detailed critiques and coaching (critiques are for fiction writers only at this stage, coaching is for both fiction & non-fiction writers). All services are provided via email to ensure a written record is kept for you and that you don’t need to take notes or rely on memorising anything.


  1. FIRST CHAPTER CRITIQUE (or 2 chapters if your first chapter is less than 7 pages): $97

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  1. PARTIAL CRITIQUE (3 Chapters, approx up to 30 pages): $157

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  1. Q&A COACHING/MENTORING SESSION: $187 (up to 10 in-depth questions included about anything to do with writing, publishing, marketing, productivity, agent-hunting, submitting, your work-in-progress/plot/characters, etc… detailed answers given and tailored to your individual needs, and are confidential.)

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~ What you’ll get out of a critique:

  • Feedback on what’s working in your story and what could be improved
  • Help with showing vs telling
  • Suggestions for maximizing the pacing and flow of your story
  • Feedback on character goal, motivation, and conflict
  • Making sure you are maximising the emotional impact
  • Tips to help your story stand out
  • Basic edit corrections involving grammar, punctuation where necessary (however a critique is not a full edit)
  • Confidence to write your next chapters more easily, knowing what to work on and what to avoid

~ What you’ll get out of a coaching session:

  • Up to 10 questions answered about anything that’s on your mind
  • Confidential advice on issues unique to you and your work/career
  • Help and guidance with writing, publishing, and/or marketing
  • Suggestions for publishing options and help with agent-hunting
  • Assistance with boosting productivity & beating procrastination
  • Insight into what may be holding you back in achieving your goals
  • A confidence boost!
  • Accountability to keep you on track (regular support sessions can be arranged)
  • Help and advice about anything you like!

**Other services coming soon:

  • 3 Month coaching package with email support – boost both your writing and your mojo
  • Story concept brainstorming – plot and prepare
  • Marketing brainstorming and strategies session – sell more book 
  • Online Course: How to Write a Lovella (a love story novella/short novel) – Nov 2017
  • Online Course: Prolific & Productive – Make your writing fast, fun, and fabulous!
  • Online course: Beginner to Bestseller – Write an awesome novel and kick-start your career!
  • See the currently available Online Courses & downloads on the Writing Mojo website



  • How long will it take to receive my critique or coaching session?

Critiques and coaching are delivered on a first-in first-served basis, and a certain amount are allocated each week… you will be advised on booking what your expected timeframe is, however most will be sent within 1-2 weeks unless otherwise stated on the website.

  • What do I do after making my purchase?

Email your chapters or your questions as a word document to along with your paypal name/email used for purchase – all bookings will be confirmed via an automatic email, and you will also be advised as to when to expect delivery of your critique or coaching session.

  • What if I’m scared to show my work?

Don’t be… I’ve been where you are and am very compassionate, understanding, and am here to help you make your work shine, not to judge it. I want you to succeed!

  • Can you read my whole manuscript?

Not at this stage. A full manuscript critique takes a lot of time and effort which I currently am not able to provide, but a partial critique can often give you enough to go on to make improvements further along in your manuscript too.

  • Can you provide a full edit?

No, only critiques or coaching. I can however refer you to a suitable editor to help get your book polished and ready for publication if you wish.

~ Book a critique or coaching session with Juliet by using the ‘buy now’ buttons above ^^

Juliet Madison started writing her first novel in 2009 and is now a bestselling author of seventeen books including romantic comedies, coastal romance, and the young adult series The Delta Girls.
She is also a self empowerment author and coach, and colouring book artist. Juliet lives on the picturesque South Coast of NSW, Australia, and is represented by literary agent Joelle Delbourgo. 

...If you have any questions before purchase, please email jtmauthor(at)gmail(dot)com or fill in the web form below to be kept up to date with special offers for coaching & critiquing, and to be notified when new courses are available…

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