New Year Mojo! Secret Letters Course

Do You Want 2018 to Be The Year That You Finally Move Forward To The Life You Dream Of And Deserve?

A unique process called the Secret Letter System can help…

How would you like to…

  • Feel more empowered, confident, accepting, and loving towards yourself
  • Experience overwhelming gratitude for the blessings you have and are yet to receive
  • Learn to think more positively about things
  • Make yourself a priority and be of better help to others in the process
  • Discover what’s holding you back and how to release it
  • Understand and make use of the power of forgiveness
  • Realise how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned
  • Discover what matters most to you and how to build a life around it
  • Clarify your passions, goals, and dreams, and believe they are possible
  • Experience more joy and fun in your life
  • See first-hand the power of the universe in guiding you towards your heartfelt desires and dreams
  • Feel that the world is on your side and has your back
  • Learn how helping others can help yourself
  • Find out how to create a special kind of vision board using secret letters
  • Create more magical moments and miracles in your life!

For two weeks in January you will learn all this and more.

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If you find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed at the end of the year, running out of time to do the things you want, or fed up with past hurts coming back to haunt you and hold you back, then my brand new online course will help free you from the past and move forward with grace and ease, to manifest what you truly want and deserve in your life.

I created the Secret Letter System, based on my book The Secret Letters Project, to help myself and others safely express and release built up emotions and acknowledge our thoughts and feelings to aid in personal transformation.

You may have heard of the “Dear Stranger” letters… thousands of people around the world writing uplifting letters for strangers and leaving them in public to be found. It began last August and still continues, with many people finding these letters just when they needed support, encouragement, and hope. Those who wrote letters also experience benefits of sharing kind words with another… now, imagine what it would be like to share those kind words with yourself. As an act of self love and self care, secret letters can give you a boost in self empowerment, confidence, and happiness, and have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

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I created an online course series consisting of 3 separate but complementary modules to help you become empowered, free, and confident to live the life of your dreams. The first module “Secret Letters for Self Empowerment” contains five fun and empowering lessons and activities. It is not essential to do before moving onto modules two and three, but forms a good basis for your positive transformation. It was held as a live online course and I have made it available for you to view and participate in at your leisure, FREE of charge, so that as many people as possible can have an introduction to these powerful letter writing principles. You can view the course content by joining the Facebook group just for module one, HERE.

But this is just the beginning…

The next two modules will delve deeper into the real power of secret letters; helping you release the burdens of your past and create the life you want to live, just as I have used them with success in my own life, going from a worn-out single mother and aspiring writer to finding love and happiness and becoming a bestselling published author of 17 books.

No matter what you want to experience in your life, this course can help you get from where you are to where you want to be, with support and guidance along the way.


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MODULE 1: Secret Letters for Releasing the Past


In week one, I’ll teach you how to discover and release what may be holding you back in life, or fine-tune any areas in your life that need some attention or moving forward from. Whether it’s a past relationship, a traumatic event, a past or current illness, or even childhood issues, the secret letter system can help you make peace with your circumstances so that you have room and mental space to move forward. Even if your life is great and you are happy, this week’s content will enhance what you already have and bring you even more gratitude and acceptance of where you’ve come from.


MODULE 2: Secret Letters for Manifesting the Future


In week two, we will have some FUN! I’ll teach you many ways to create the life you want and deserve, with a strong focus on secret letter writing for manifesting. There will also be other manifesting techniques taught as well. This week is about raising your vibes and deciding where you would like to go from here, and how to have an amazing year and life ahead of you. One of the most powerful parts of this module is writing a letter to the universe, or God, or your preferred higher power, or simply to Life itself. These letters WORK. I have seen it countless times. But you have to start from the right mindset and I’ll show you exactly how to do this process effectively.


By the end of the course you will be feeling more alive, more empowered, and more excited about life and what lays ahead for you. And I am looking forward to helping you and guiding you along the way!


~ When is the course?

The course will be held over two weeks, completely online so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, from Monday January 22nd to Friday February 2nd.

You can take part each day, or you can do it at your own pace. The content will remain in the group for you to access whenever you wish. And you can do it privately by simply following the activities on your own, or you can comment and take part within the private group and gain support from myself and other participants, as well as interacting with likeminded people.

~ How is it facilitated?

Via a private Facebook group, which you will receive an invite to after registration. Only paying course participants will have access, so you can rest assured that you will be in a safe and supportive environment for discussion and interaction with likeminded people on the same or a similar journey as you. Each day you’ll receive a written lesson posted in the group with accompanying visual aids and sometimes activity sheets or templates to use.

~ Why learn from me?

julietmadison-aug2016-sideI have years of experience as an author, health professional, and both a writing and intuitive self-empowerment coach. I’ve facilitated several online courses with happy and satisfied participants.

“Thank you so much Juliet for this amazing course! You truly are amazing and have inspired me so much! ~ Cathie

“I found this course really useful and inspiring, the fact that it was at the beginning of the year was even better as it helped set the intentions and goals for the year. Juliet was great with providing answers to every question I had…” ~ Brigitte

“Juliet’s course was as inspiring as it was practical. Each lesson was packed with motivational exercises to help get writers on the path to progress.” ~ Kristin

~ Will you help me with any questions during the course?

Absolutely. I’ll respond personally to every question that needs an answer.

~ Will I receive a downloaded version after the course?

Yes, you’ll have access to a PDF of all course content or you can simply view it within the group itself.

~ What will it cost to take part?

Module 1 is free, Module 2 is valued at $44 Australian dollars and Module 3 at $55, however because I am combining these together into a 2 week course, I will be reducing the total cost of $99 to only $49 if you register now! Yep, for two weeks of empowering guidance and manifesting secrets plus personal support from me, you can book your place for the small investment of $49.

*GUARANTEE: If after the first lesson you don’t feel you will benefit from the course, you may request a full refund, so there is no risk for you to take part.

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I look forward to helping you have an amazing new year!

~ Juliet xo



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