Teens VISION BOARD Workshop

Create The Life Of Your Dreams!

In the April 2020 school holidays I’m hosting a special workshop for teens only… and you’re invited!

Read on for details…

My name is Juliet Madison; bestselling author, artist, and coach, and in the ten years since making a super special vision board with pictures and words that lit me up with joy and anticipation every time I looked at it, just about everything on that board came true.

I glued a picture of twelve books piled up high on that board, as inspiration to start writing books… a few years later, I laughed as I looked at it again and realised I had recently published my twelfth book. Since then, I’ve published seven more.

But it’s not just about goals, in fact, that is only a small aspect of a vision board. A vision board is all about FEELING. It’s how you feel when you look at it, choosing images and words that bring about the feelings you want to feel more of, and that creates a VIBRATION. This vibration is what allows the law of attraction to do its thing. When your vibes are in alignment with what you desire, what you desire is naturally attracted to you. Whether it’s study or career goals, friendships and connections, travel dreams, family, health, or happiness in general, a vision board can help you. And it’s fun!

Even if you already have a vision board, you can always make an additional or updated one, or a board with a particular theme. Your vision board can be simple and small with only a few select images and words, or it can be huge and detailed with heaps of what you love arranged on the board. Or something in between.

The main thing is that it FEELS GOOD to look at! When you feel good and excited about your future, life tends to bring you more opportunities and experiences that make life extra special.



You might be thinking… but couldn’t I just make a vision board at home by myself?

Yes of course, you could. But what I’ve found is that scheduling a dedicated day and time ensures that you won’t keep putting it off, and shows yourself and the universe that you are committed to your self care, development, and the future of your dreams. By doing your vision board at a workshop you are also interacting with likeminded people and making new friends, and harnessing the uplifting power of group support and intention with guided help to ensure your board is effective.

And this workshop is not just about sticking pictures onto cardboard, it is also an informative and inspirational workshop that will have an introductory session teaching you how to harness the law of attraction, visualisation & meditation, the power of your thoughts, mantras and affirmations, and even crystals… to manifest your dreams. Overall, it’s like a visioning and manifesting party!

Where and when is it held?

At the new Hart and Soul Studio in GERRINGONG, on the south coast of NSW.

4/11 Blackwood Street, around the corner from the dentist next to IGA supermarket.

Sunday 19 April, 2pm-4:30pm


In this special TEENS ONLY VISION BOARD WORKSHOP, you’ll experience and discover:

  • Greater insight and clarity into what you really want in life
  • Getting excited about your life NOW
  • Being grateful in the present while reaching for your dreams
  • What a vision board is and why you should have one
  • How to choose images that are powerful activators of the law of attraction
  • What words NOT to put on your vision board
  • How to use visualisation to manifest your dreams
  • How to “activate” your vision board
  • How to use crystals to enhance your vision board and raise your vibration
  • How to surrender to the journey of life and trust the process
  • The uplifting power of group intention, support, and friendship

We’ll start with an introduction on vision boards and the law of attraction, I’ll select an inspiration card for the group to guide and motivate us, and we’ll do a mini meditation and visualisation, come up with keywords and affirmations/intentions for our life, and then the fun part – finding pictures and words to use, while listening to uplifting music, sharing yummy nibblies, enjoying conversation and laughter, and also some quiet contemplation time. We’ll arrange our chosen images onto our boards, and add some special finishing touches. Then we’ll do a special guided crystal meditation with our own crystals (which you’ll receive as part of the workshop) to activate our vision boards and set our intentions. There’ll be plenty of time for questions too. It is my aim that you’ll leave the workshop feeling inspired, motivated, empowered, and clear with purpose and passion, and hopefully with a few new friends as well! Or you might like to get a group of your besties to come along and share in a fun afternoon together.


Why learn from me?

I’ve been living and breathing the law of attraction and conscious creation for many years, always dreaming big and following my heart, and love to share what I’ve learned along the way. When I was a teenager I was always the one daydreaming in class or drawing pictures! I’ve manifested book deals (including my Young Adult series The Delta Girls), the house I wanted, true love, business opportunities, and a passionate life doing what I love. As an author, artist and illustrator, and intuitive empowerment coach, I’ve created many courses and workshops based on topics I am passionate about. I am also a qualified facilitator of The Passion Test, a process to discover your life purpose and top passions, and work as an intuitive coach with clients both face to face and online throughout the world. Most of all, I love to see people get clear on their desires and connect with their inner power and authenticity, allowing them to be the best version of themselves and live a life they love.



At the workshop, you’ll receive:

  • 2 1/2 hours of group education, inspiration, guidance, support, and fun!
  • All materials provided, just bring yourself!
  • Yummy nibbles (please let us know of any allergies)
  • A special crystal gift
  • Your own beautiful vision board to take home
  • The chance to win an amazing gift basket of goodies as part of our April giveaway to celebrate the opening of Hart and Soul Studio!

All this for the special early bird investment in your future of only $44 ($50 regular price from April 1st). To secure your spot now, click the ‘buy now’ button below. If you want to book more than one ticket, click the ‘add to cart’ button to edit the quantity.

Sun April 19th, 2pm-4:30pm

Option 1: 1 Early Bird ticket* $50 $44


Option 2: More than 1 Early Bird ticket* $50 $44 each

*If purchasing on behalf of someone else, please email through the attendees names after purchase.

*Payment is via PayPal. If you’d like to pay by card, please email me and I’ll send you a Square invoice for easy online payment!


…Why not treat yourself to a few special hours just for you and your dreams, or get some friends together for some fun and creativity. There are limited places so book in quick to avoid missing out!

Hope to see you there,

Juliet xo 


*If you are NOT a teenager and would like to attend a vision board workshop for adults, we are having one soon! (Date TBA) …please contact me via email jtmauthor@gmail.com and I will add you to the priority notification list! 

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