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Mouthwatering Moment… by Karly Lane

Today’s Mouthwatering Moment excerpt is from MORGAN’S LAW, by Karly Lane, published by Allen & Unwin.

He wasn’t making any sense and Sarah realised this was the first time she’d seen the cool, calm and collected Adam Buchanan flustered. “What’s your pride got to do with anything?”
“I’m beginning to wonder that myself,” he muttered.
“Do you want to just tell me what you’re talking about?” she suggested.
“That’s what I’m trying to do.”
“Well, you’re not doing a very good job of it.”
“Well, if you’d just be quiet and let me finish.”
“Fine. Finish already.”
“Geeze woman do you have to get the last word in every single conversation?”
“Considering I’m the only one who’s having a conversation while you keep talking in riddles –” she’d barely gotten the words out when he let out a low growl and leant closer, his mouth effectively putting a stop to her argument.
He’d kissed her before and it shouldn’t have come as any surprise, but the same electricity that had stolen her breath away the first time had doubled and she was certain something was very wrong with her. Her heart was racing and as she tried to force her brain to work, she was fairly certain she could no longer feel her toes. Maybe it was a stroke?
When he eventually pulled away from her and stared down into her startled gaze, she saw that he was also not unaffected.
“That’s why I’ve been staying away from you. I didn’t want to complicate things more than they already were.”
“Oh.” Oh? She worked with words for a living and had a degree for Gods sake, and that was the extent of her vocabulary?


Karly’s favourite meal: With the cold weather creeping in, I’ve been having cravings for Lamb shanks! They would have to be my favourite ‘comfort food’ in winter.

Karly’s favourite drink: A Margareta! The best ones I’ve ever had are served at a restaurant we go to in a fish bowl sized cocktail glass!

Karly’s favourite treat: Sara Lee icecream….Oh. My. God.


A BIG thank you to Karly for sharing her excerpt!

You can visit Karly’s website and find more about the book, here. And remember to leave a comment below and subscribe to the blog to be in the running for the Mouthwatering May prize draw at the end of the month! (You can see the prizes & rules here)

Fiona Palmer answers Juliet’s Ten Awkward Author Questions!

In this segment, authors will be subjected to a list of awkward questions that may reveal more about themselves than they really wish to share, and they will receive a score on the ‘Braveometer’. If they choose to answer only five questions, they are a ‘Brave Author’, if they answer 6 to 9 questions they are a ‘Mega-Brave Author’, and if they answer all 10 questions they are an ‘Ultra-Brave Author’!

Please welcome Fiona Palmer to the blog! Not only is Fiona brave for answering these questions, she is also generous, as she is giving away a copy of her new book, THE ROAD HOME!

1.      If only one of your books could have been / could be published, which one would you choose? (C’mon, I don’t want to hear ‘Oh, I love them all, there’s no way I could choose.’ Time to be ruthless, these are the Ten Awkward Questions after all!)

Hmm, I’d have to say the fourth book I’m writing as I’ve grown so much as a writer and I’ve learnt so much now, whereas my first book I was a complete novice. I look back at my first book and cringe with what I know now. LOL

2.      Okay, now which one of your children/family members would you… nah, just kidding! Which of the following words most accurately describes your best personality trait (you must pick only one!):

Punctual. Good listener. Neat.  Graceful. Generous. Cheerful.

I’d like to say cheerful, but there are days where that just doesn’t happen (I have kids!!) so I’d have to stick with punctual. I just hate being late. If someone says, meet me at 7, then I have to be there by that time, even a little early so I’m not leaving them waiting. My watch is my best friend. 🙂

3.      Which of the following words most accurately describes your worst most challenging personality trait (even if you’re perfect, you must pick one):

Always late. Blabbermouth. Slob. Complete klutz. Scrooge. Grumpy pants.

Well we can rule out the first one. I do like a bit of goss…(I work at the local post office, it’s practically the grapevine lol) But I’d have to go with klutz. But more a klutz in my mind. I can be totally gullible and sometimes just be on a whole other wave length. (I could blame having kids, but I was like this at high school. I have stories, one was ironing my face…I know I hear you all going WHAT, but it happened…and don’t get me started on the other things!)

4.      Have you ever had a romantic crush on one of your characters? Who and why?

It was Will from my first book. Who wouldn’t want the hunky wealthy next-door farmer? I always wanted to marry a farmer, until I realised the farm would come first LOL.

5.      When writing an important scene, do you act it out to allow you to better describe what’s happening?

No.  Well in a way, it’s acted out in my head like a movie. I’ll be staring at a wall as I become lost in my head as the characters come alive and I watch them go about their business. Then I come to and realise my kids have been yelling at me for the last ten minutes! Kids+writing=hard work.

6.      Do you talk to yourself when writing or coming up with plot ideas?

Again I do, but internally. I’m not a verbal person, I’d much prefer typing emails than phone calls.  Just as well I don’t do it out loud because I think I’d scare a lot of people. And it’s a lot faster just letting my mind whizz through the words and ideas. Talking them would slow me down. (Oh and I also have this problem where my brain and mouth aren’t connected very well. I can think of something to say but it comes out my mouth different! It’s a curse.)

7.      Who would be ideal to play YOU in a movie of your life?

I’d have to say Sandra Bullock – Her character in Miss Congeniality is close (I’m a tomboy) and she played that so well, she’s not afraid to be a dork.

8.      If you could be any book character for one day, who would you be and why?

Elizabeth Bennet. Because I love her spirit and hey, she’s married to Mr Darcy and gets to live in a gorgeous old house.

9.      You’re about to be left on a deserted island for a year, and while your basic food and water needs will be met, you can only bring one extra thing from the following. Which would you choose?

a) A pen and notepad that never runs out

b) An unlimited supply of books

c) An unlimited supply of chocolate, coffee, or alcohol (your choice)

d) A gorgeous man/woman depending on your preference

Wow all of them together would be perfect. Okay just one. Hmm I’d have to say the books because then I could escape to all different places and not have to worry about running out of ideas!

10.  If you had the attention of the whole world for two minutes what would you say?

Really I think I couldn’t do it, the pressure would be too much. Trying to figure out what would be the perfect most useful thing to say would fry my brain. Even now I’m thinking OMG what would I say!!

Thanks Fiona, you have been awarded Ultra-Brave Author status on the braveometer!




You can visit Fiona at her website, Facebook, and Twitter (@fiona_palmer)


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“What would YOU say to the world if you had everyone’s attention for two minutes?”

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