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Do You Love Beautiful Oracle Card Decks?

Want To Learn How To Do Card Readings Effectively?

A new online workshop with Juliet Madison will teach you all about oracle cards and how to use them, either for yourself or to help others…

Dear Friends,

If you’re anything like me, you can’t resist the offer of a card reading, or the sight of beautifully illustrated and inspiring card decks in the shops… Their unique designs and promise of insight and clarity always draw me in.

I remember several years back when I was starting to embrace my intuitive gifts more and had experienced a few prophetic dreams, I had a vivid dream… a well known spiritual author spoke to me and said: “Get the angel cards”.

At that time I think I had heard of angel cards but didn’t really know what they were. I didn’t think much of it, forgot about it, but later the next day I was out shopping with my mother and as we were looking in a gift shop she said “Look, these are nice”, pointing to an affirmation card deck. Angel Cards, the pack said. I suddenly remembered my dream and gasped. I bought the cards, not knowing why, but knowing that it was no coincidence.

Soon after, as I had also been experiencing number synchronicities (seeing repetitive or triple numbers often, on clocks, car number plates, signs, etc), I discovered they were often known as angel numbers. The more I looked into these occurrences, the more I experienced them, and then I stumbled across an angel card course. Another day while shopping in the books section of a store, I saw that they had a few card decks… not affirmation cards like the other ones, but they were called clairvoyant cards for ‘readings’. I had never bought anything like this before, and felt kind of exposed taking them to the counter, thinking the sales assistant would think I was some new age weirdo believing in this stuff!

Once I started playing around with them and learning more, I was hooked. The cards always seemed to give me the right guidance that made sense, when I needed it.

I think all of this got me used to trusting my intuition, and then I started getting more intuitive or psychic ‘flashes’… moments of knowing certain things, or being able to feel like I knew a person when I had only just met them, looking at faces and somehow getting seemingly random bits of insight about their lives. It was a bit freaky. Although I didn’t want to acknowledge it, I was developing the ability of clairvoyance.

Years back, I had also had a few strange experiences, more of the mediumship kind… once such experience was when I dreamt of a spirit who told me their occupation, and then waking to feel an unseen presence in the room. A few days later, I discovered that a relative of a relative had passed away and his body had taken a couple of days before it was discovered. I asked what his occupation was, and it was the exact occupation I had been told in the dream.

These experiences scared me a bit, so I tried to push them away. But after the intuitive synchronicities above on learning about oracle cards, they came back. One day while having a massage with a pregnant therapist (I assure you, I do more than just go shopping and have massages!), I felt a sense of connection with the unborn baby. I just knew it was a boy, and I heard a couple of variations of his name. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I was probably just blissed out and imagining things, but at my next appointment she told me she was having a boy and when I asked if she’d thought of names, the name she told me was the shortened version of what I had heard!

I decided to stop pushing my abilities away and to embrace them. I practiced on people and got good feedback, ran a free psychic reading weekend online and experienced more results, including connecting with passed loved ones, and eventually put myself out there to charge a fee for my readings as well as continuing to offer free mini readings in my facebook group, which I soon learned can take a lot of your energy and be very draining if you don’t learn how to protect your own energy!

And up to this day, I use both psychic insight combined with intuitive insight from oracle cards in my readings. Psychic insight comes regardless of whether you use cards or not, and cards bring an added layer and context to create a more fully developed reading. And often, cards on their own provide an accurate and insightful reading too, and this method of gaining insight is one that can be easily learned by anyone with an open mind willing to surrender to divine guidance and trust their intuition. You may even find that using cards awakens deeper intuitive or psychic abilities.

Which brings me to the topic at hand… how to use oracle cards!

I’m running a special online workshop teaching you everything I’ve learned about reading oracle cards, so you can learn more quickly, easily, and effectively, whether you want to benefit from the cards yourself only, or do readings for friends, family, or clients.

This workshop will be held on the weekend of June 27th and 28th, 2020, online in a private Facebook group, so you can easily learn, find the content all in one place, and interact with myself and others in the course. The schedule will be flexible to allow for you to do other weekend or family activities as well if you choose, and you can join in from anywhere in the world at the time it suits you. You don’t have to participate live. Which means you can do the course either at the times each lesson is posted over the two days to fully immerse yourself in the experience, or you can do them all in one day, or gradually over the following week.

In the Oracle Cards online workshop you will discover:

  • What oracle cards are, and how they differ from tarot cards
  • Understanding the value and limitations of oracle cards
  • How to choose the right card deck, or decks
  • How to ‘activate’ your deck 
  • Types of readings and card layouts/spreads
  • How to prepare for a reading; physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • What questions to ask, and how to guide others to ask effective questions
  • How your thoughts and intentions impact the flow of energy to attract the most relevant cards
  • How to know which card or cards to select after shuffling
  • What to do if a card falls out of the deck while shuffling
  • What if you ‘don’t like’ the card you get?!
  • How to understand the card’s messages
  • Interpreting deeper meanings beyond what’s written on the card or guidebook
  • Using additional tools for readings such as crystals, meditation, and automatic writing
  • Acting on the guidance you receive
  • How to read for yourself and how to do a reading for another person ethically and accurately
  • Ways to remove doubt and boost self confidence in doing readings
  • How to clarify an answer when multi-card readings seem conflicting 
  • Practical techniques to assist with your intuition
  • Practice sessions with other students

Are you ready to dive in and explore these fascinating spiritual tools with me?

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Two days of online content, instruction, guidance, and practice.
  • One week of guided practice sessions with other students.
  • Easy to absorb and understand lessons, broken up into bite sized chunks so you can learn a bit at a time over the weekend.
  • Visual examples of card readings, techniques, and layouts.
  • A 90 minute group reading session on the Sunday with a chance to have your own reading by me.
  • The opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish about card readings.
  • A one-page PDF ‘cheat sheet’ you can save or print out, to guide you through doing readings step by step until it becomes second nature.
  • An online certificate or badge if you choose to proudly display or share that you’ve completed this course.


All this is valued at over $300, but you can take part for only $111 … however, because it’s my first time running this course I’m going to discount your investment to only $88 for the two day workshop, plus the bonus one week of practice and unlimited questions as you go along. So if you don’t want to miss out on this unique, fun, and valuable course, sign up below by clicking on the BUY NOW button!

YES! I want to enrol in the ORACLE CARDS online workshop: 



After purchase you’ll receive a confirmation email, and soon you’ll receive a link to our private group where the course will be held. If you don’t own a card deck, instructions will also be given on options for obtaining one to use in the course.

*Payments are in Australian dollars via PayPal. If you wish to pay via a different payment method (card payment), please email me for a Square invoice at 


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the workshop!

~ Juliet Madison – Author/Artist/Coach

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