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Here is a post I’ve written on Writing Mojo Academy about a visual tool I use and am sharing with other writers to track word count progress! Click here to read the post and see the tool in action>> A UNIQUE WAY TO TRACK YOUR WORD COUNT


The Story of My Book: Haunted Ever After

The Escapades

by Juliet Madison

I Dedicated My Novel To A Ghost…

 I’ve always loved ghost stories, and as I’ve often experienced strong gut instincts about certain things and have learned to listen to my intuition, it’s no wonder I like writing stories with a few elements of the supernatural thrown in.

 When I started writing one of my magical romantic comedies, HAUNTED EVER AFTER, I was trying to come up with a name for my main character; a bride-to-be who becomes haunted by the wacky ghost of her fiance’s ex-girlfriend. A name popped into my mind. I liked the first name but the surname didn’t feel completely right, so I asked myself, ‘What would be a better surname?’ and instantly another one came to me.

 I Googled it and found a news article about a woman with the same name who had been murdered. Her terrifying ordeal…

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2 New Books Out Now!

April is a BIG month, not only is it my birthday month (a BIG birthday too, starting with 4 and ending in 0) but I have 3 book releases. And the first two are now available!


COLOR YOUR DREAMS is my adult inspirational coloring and activity book with 100 illustrations and empowering written activities, meditations, and affirmations.

TASTE is book 4 in THE DELTA GIRLS paranormal mystery series about teen sisters, each with a psychic gift of one of the five senses.



COLOR YOUR DREAMS (Buy in US stores including Walmart, or online. Aus edition available in Big W in June).




*The Delta Girls is also available on audio via iTunes and Audible, the first 3 books are currently out and book 4 will be coming soon. 🙂


…Stay tuned, the next book release is Friday April 15: APRIL’S GLOW, the 4th book in my loosely linked Tarrin’s Bay series. 🙂

Happy reading and happy coloring!!

~ Juliet xo


I’m talking all things CHRISTMAS at the AusRomToday blog!


AusRomToday Juliet Madison

Mistletoe Madness with Juliet Madison

What are your plans for Christmas 2014?
I guess since it is fast approaching I should hurry up and make some plans! We will probably have a nice big lunch at my parents’ house with Christmas music on repeat, then everyone will have a food-induced coma-nap, then we’ll repeat the same in the evening!

Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?
See above. 😉 Things are quite different now that we’ve moved to a new town and don’t have many relatives nearby, so Christmas is a lot less busy. It used to be about trying to squeeze in as much as possible and see as many people as possible but now it’s more about quality rather than quantity, and taking some time to relax and enjoy life and celebrate the year that’s just passed.

Any gift in particular that you’d love to see…

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NEW BOOK RELEASE! 12 Daves of Christmas

If 7 is a lucky number, then today is my lucky day (and yours!) 😉

12 DAVES OF CHRISTMAS is my 7th published book and is now available! 🙂

It is a 30,000 word novella (short novel), and fits into the ‘romagic comedy’ genre – romance, magic, and comedy. It is also a bit of a tearjerker I’ve been told! But as in all my books, an uplifting ending is guaranteed.

My writer friends may relate to the heroine, Abby, a busy writer on a deadline!

Here is the blurb:

12DavesXmas_Final1920A beautiful, uplifting holiday story from bestselling author Juliet Madison about a lonely writer, her grandmother’s ghost, a road trip, and twelve different Daves.

Abby Solomon may write happy-ever-afters for a living, but doesn’t believe she’ll have her own. But then a surprise visit from her grandmother’s ghost sets her off on a journey she’ll never forget.

Grandma Charlotte wants to find her first love, Dave, who she mistakenly thought had died in World War II. A quick trawl through the Yellow Pages yields a list of twelve possibilities, and Abby and Charlotte set off on a Christmas road trip — twelve Daves over twelve days along the sun-drenched east coast of Australia.

With just over a week to make the meeting happen, Abby has to meet a dozen Daves — some sweet, some quirky, some downright dangerous — while trying to honour her book deadline and enduring the awkward challenges of having a ghost as a travelling companion.

But when she comes across a young doctor who looks like the hero in one of her novels, Abby has the chance to discover that true love transcends time and space, and that happy endings aren’t only to be found between the pages of a book.

I hope you’ll enjoy my first Christmas story, and it would make a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family! hint hint 😉 (You can gift ebooks on Amazon and iTunes etc).

It’s available worldwide from all ebook retailers. if you don’t know how to read ebooks, you can download a free reading app such as iBooks from the iTunes app store, or the Kindle reading app from Amazon. These work on smartphones, tablets, iPads, PC’s, laptops etc.



Amazon AU:

Amazon UK:


B&N Nook:


All other links via Escape publishing:

Happy Christmas reading! 🙂

~ Juliet


Not sure how to get started reading ebooks? It’s easy! And here’s how, in this blog post by Rachael Johns…

Rachael Johns

More and more authors are putting out novellas that are digital only to keep readers happy in between their longer stories. Some books will only ever be published digitally.

As I have a digital novella – TEASE ME, COWBOY – releasing next week, I thought it a fitting time to talk about HOW you can read an ebook if you don’t have a dedicated reading device.

Tease Me Cowboy Cover

I must confess I still read mostly print books. I love the feel and smell of a brand new book and I love having all my faves lined up in the bookshelf. I DON’T like the dust they gather because I think we’ve established before, I’m not a housekeeper. But I do also read books on my Kindle and now my iPad, even occasionally on my phone. But let’s forget about the Kindle e-reader for a moment and talk about HOW I could read…

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Guest blogger: Juliet Madison

I’ve got an article up on the ARRA blog today about small town settings in books…

Australian Romance Readers Association

Juliet MadisonThe appeal of small-town settings

I like to read and write books set both in small towns and in urban environments, but small towns hold a certain allure for me. They have a cosy, magical quality, and I find them intriguing. When I came up with the idea for a small-town series of books, I knew I wanted to base it on the town I had just moved to, on the south coast of NSW. I was getting used to my new home and discovering all the quirks and beauty the town had to offer, and tried my best to translate that to the page. The first book I set here was The January Wish, which led to the decision to create a monthly-themed set of books linked by the same setting, and the Tarrin’s Bay series was born. I wrote February or Forever after that, and am now…

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Juliet Madison’s “Greene” Day…plus a book giveaway

Here is what would happen if my character and I went on a ‘friend date’… Plus, you could win a copy of THE JANUARY WISH. Ends may 7th.


We have featured Juliet Madison at Chick Lit Central a couple of times since her debut novel, Fast Forward, came out last year. Since then, she’s written two adorably funny novellas and two sweet and romantic novels as part of her Tarrin’s Bay series. (We hope she’ll be covering every month as time goes by!) Today, she’s here to talk about the first novel from this exciting new series and to go on a friend date with the main character. She even has an e-book to give to a lucky reader anywhere in the world!

Synopsis of The January Wish:
When Dr Sylvia Greene makes an impromptu wish at the Tarrin’s Bay Wishing Festival, it’s the most out of character action she can think of. Hers is not a life of wishes. Hers is a controlled life of order, plans and preparation…of science and research and diagnosis and…

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Five Reasons You Should Enter The Women’s Fiction Writers Contest (Finally!)

A great opportunity for aspiring authors of women’s fiction…

Book-signing event in Sydney

I’m looking forward to meeting readers and fellow authors at my first book signing this August!

Australian Romance Readers Association

BSE4 banner_600

The Australian Romance Readers Association will be hosting a book-signing event in Sydney this August. It will be held in conjunction with the Romance Writers of Australia conference, and will run from 5-6 pm on Saturday 9 August at the Pullman Hotel in Olympic Park. This is the seventh group signing we have hosted, and it is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

We are very excited to announce that international authors Cherry Adair and Marie Force will headline the event, along with Maisey Yates, Rachael Herron, Barbara DeLeo and Jackie Ashenden, plus more than 70 romance authors from around Australia.

The event will be open to the public, with an entry fee of just $20 ($15 for ARRA members). Or buy your tickets online at a discounted price ($15 for public, $12 for members). Entry will also include the opportunity to score some free books, plus the chance…

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