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emotional healing, and tuning into your inner wisdom… 


New one-of-a-kind online course with author, coach, and spiritual mentor Juliet Madison…

Brings Your Soul To Life!


Dear Soul Friend,

Have you ever felt like there’s a part of you that goes unseen, unheard, or misunderstood? Do you often feel the urge to write but sometimes struggle with what to write, or whether something is worth writing about? Perhaps you feel that deep down inside of you there are words that need to be released, created, formed, and woven into a magical, soulful expression of YOU?

I see you. I hear you. I understand you.

And so does your soul…

That inner part of you that makes you who you are is ready for you NOW to tune in and discover your uniqueness. To find your soul gifts and share them. To put your authenticity and soul voice into words that will delight, inspire, and transform.

Whether you’re a new writer, a prolific published author, someone who dabbles in journalling or blogging, or someone who simply feels a longing in their heart to express through words, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve combined my knowledge and experience with creative writing, intuitive writing, journalling, and teaching, to bring you a special program to ignite the fire in your soul and release what’s been longing to come to the surface.

YOU have a story to tell…

It might be fiction. It might be memoir. It might be non-fiction. It might be for a worldwide audience or it might be for your own wellbeing and empowerment. No matter which type of writing or medium, your words can make a difference. To others, and mostly to yourself.

Powerful, authentic writing comes from deep within. It has a signature that is unique to you and your voice. That compelling, vulnerable, and often raw truth that shines through when someone writes from their soul is unmistakeable.

And I’m going to show you how to access it.

In my ten years of writing and four years of intuitive coaching and teaching, I’ve written and created numerous novels and novellas, non-fiction self empowerment books, articles, blogs, online courses, and in-person workshops. I’ve learned meditation, mindfulness, spiritual channeling and energy reading, and intuitive writing techniques that instantly connect me with my soul’s voice and its wisdom and insight.

Your soul has all the answers you seek.

By tuning in, and using writing as the medium, your soul can be given a voice through the power of the written word.

This brand new four week online course will give you the tools and techniques to write from your soul, helping you to feel more connected to yourself and inspired by life, and helping you create or enhance your writing in whatever form is right for you, such as:


Writing compelling fiction

Creating a memorable memoir or biography

Crafting an inspiring ‘How To’ book

Writing blog and social media posts that connect and resonate with your followers

Birthing your own self discovery journal for emotional wellbeing

Gaining personal insight and awareness through automatic writing and spiritual channeling


And the benefits for your life in general include:

More self confidence

Enhanced intuition

Greater emotional wellbeing and stability

A greater sense of who you really are

A stronger sense of purpose in your life

The ability to trust your own truth

Feeling more YOU than you’ve ever felt before

Have you ever felt the amazing feeling of pure joy and bliss that comes from being in alignment with your soul and witnessing words spill easily onto the page?

If you have, this course will help you experience that more often. If you haven’t, this course will help guide you into that state where you, your soul, and your words become one.

This course does NOT teach you how to write a book, how to publish, how to create characters or scenes or use correct grammar. It is purely a creativity and discovery course to connect you with your soul, where your urge to write originates. It starts at that spark, that inkling, that simmering inspiration that lights you up when it bubbles and rises. From there, your unique writing process and voice is activated and you can bring a whole new sense of self to your writing practice, with passion, purpose, and self belief. Although this course is about writing, its power is more in the process than the result, so you don’t have to worry about getting things right or perfect, but simply using the tools as a strategy for personal awareness and creativity.

Are you ready to connect with your soul?

Let’s do this…

How does this course work?

Writing from the Soul is an insightful, practical course that gets you writing right away! It’s not overloaded with content that you need hours and hours to read through and absorb, it contains bite-sized lessons that you can fit into your day and week, allowing you to do this course while working full time or being busy with family or personal commitments. How much time you spend is up to you. It may be half an hour per lesson, or you may spend a whole afternoon on one lesson… whatever your soul calls for and your schedule allows.

It’s run via a private Facebook group, and there will be eight main lessons and activities posted on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the four weeks. In addition, there’ll be four bonus and optional activities every Saturday, called “Soul Sparks”; fun and quick written activities you can do in the online group or in your own personal journal, to stay connected to your soul. There’ll also be a bonus “Releasing Ritual” on the date of the full moon to help you clear any blockages to your soul expression.


What will I learn in this course?

The four week outline is as follows, with lessons posted on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays:


WEEK ONE: Tuning into your soul

1 – Soul Orientation… how to tune in

2 – Secret Soul Letters… communicating with your soul and the universal soul

Bonus Activity: Releasing Soul Blockages

Soul Spark #1


WEEK TWO: Creative soul writing

3 – Soulful Pictures… visual writing prompts

4 – Soulful words… writing prompts

Soul Spark #2


WEEK THREE: Awareness, Acknowledgment, and Action

5 – Automatic Writing… turning on the faucet and letting the words flow

6 – Asking Your Soul… receive all the answers you seek

Soul Spark #3


WEEK FOUR: Your soul journey and expression

7 – Your Soul Timeline… tracking and celebrating your growth

8 – Poetry Of The Soul… unleashing the beauty of your soul

Soul Spark #4

Online Soul Party to conclude the course.


The course will contain a combination of informative insights, examples, interactive questions, soul connecting meditations and mindfulness exercises, creative writing exercises, intuitive writing exercises, letter writing, poetry, fun prompts and templates. What’s great about this course is, you can’t get it wrong! There is no list of required outcomes to achieve, and no tests, it is all about you and your soul, and there is no right or wrong. Yay!

PLUS, if you’re one of the first eight people to register, you’ll receive a FREE intuitive soul reading from me via email, which consists of a 3 card oracle reading and soul message, valued at $50.

When is the course?

Monday November 11th to Saturday December 7th, via private Facebook group.

Can I do the course at my own pace?

Yes. All lessons and activities will be posted to the Facebook group and you can take part as they are posted or save them all for a weekend, or even to do at a later date. For the best experience I recommend doing a bit each week so that you can enjoy the group interaction and participation, as well as gain support and ask questions along the way.

Do I need any special supplies or equipment?

Just a notebook/journal and pen or pencil. Two different colours of pen are recommended, eg; black and red. You may do some of the activities on your computer if you prefer, however, most of the activities work best when handwritten, as they help you to engage more effectively with your soul.

Why trust me to be your guide?

My mission, or calling in life, is “entertaining and inspiring myself and others through stories, art, and self empowerment”. That is a broad description that I feel sums it up succinctly. After I left my successful career as a naturopath to homeschool my son with special needs, I  have written over 20 books of both fiction and non-fiction, with 18 published so far in the last six years, and have written and facilitated numerous courses and workshops both online and in person. As well as writing, teaching, and creating art, I also facilitate mindfulness meditation classes, and do ‘readings’ as an intuitive guide and spiritual mentor, assisting clients with their life questions and future predictions, and helping them connect with their soul more deeply. My aim in this area is to help people feel reassured, confident, and positive about their life and future, and with this course, it is to help you with the awareness and tools to tune into your soul, your uniqueness, your gifts, your writing voice, and your unlimited power so you can live a more connected and soulful life.

I practice what I preach, and the lessons and activities I teach are the same techniques I have used myself, to write myself through my personal experiences and express myself creatively. I look forward to guiding you through the process of writing from the soul! 😀

Feedback from students and clients:

“Juliet’s course was as inspiring as it was practical. Each lesson was packed with motivational exercises to help get writers on the path to progress. I highly recommend for anyone who needs a little boost in their writerly mojo.” ~ Kristin (Writing Mojo course participant)

“I would highly recommend working with Juliet, as her valuable insight and advice will help direct you onto the right life path.” ~ Marie (intuitive reading client)

“Juliet has the uncanny knack of being able to offer realistic and grounded solutions, just when you most need them. I have found her highly insightful, genuine and very talented, in both her fiction writing and in her more altruistic ventures like Return to Center and The Secret Letters Project. Highly recommended.” ~ Allison (Return to Centre course participant)

“Juliet did a distance reading for me and all I can say is WOW. The reading was so accurate.” ~ Karen


When you invest in the Writing from the Soul online course, 10% of your contribution is donated to The QUEST FOR LIFE Foundation, a centre for emotional healing in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia, where I personally attended a course and benefited greatly. Quest for Life can make a profound and positive difference in your life. They take a whole-person, recovery orientated approach which provides evidence-based practical strategies and tools to help you to heal the past, build resilience for the future and live in the present.


To take part in Writing from the Soul, your investment is only $44 a week for four weeks (a total of $176 AUD), however, to launch this course I am offering a limited time Soul Special of less than $28 a week, in one upfront payment of $111 (the number that is associated with positive manifestations of thoughts into reality)… that’s about the same as a cafe lunch once a week. 😉 You may also contact me if you’d like a two part payment plan of $55.50 instead, simply get in touch before 1st November! 

And don’t forget, if you’re one of the first eight people to register, you’ll receive a FREE intuitive soul reading from me via email, which consists of a 3 card oracle reading and soul message, valued at $50.

BOOK NOW! Click below:


1. WRITING FROM THE SOUL course: $176 soul special $111 PLUS Bonus 3-Card Soul Reading for First 8 People!



2. WRITING FROM THE SOUL course, two-part payment plan: contact me at jtmauthor@gmail.com by Nov 1 (not eligible for Bonus soul reading)


You will receive an automatic payment confirmation, and soon you will receive an invitation to the private group that the course will be held in. Remember, we start on Nov 11th.

Looking forward to having you in the course!

~ Juliet xo 


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