Want To Become More Abundant?


Introducing… the brand new, one-of-a-kind, downloadable, and printable full colour and beautifully designed journal dedicated to activating abundance!


If you love journalling, writing, self development, creative and empowering activities, and all things ‘law of attraction’, you’ll love what I’ve created for you…

29 pages of abundance-themed prompts and self discovery questions, tips, techniques, activities, lists, colouring pages, and mindfulness ideas to get you feeling good about abundance and release any blocks. You can print as many of each page as you like, so it is an eternal journal you can use whenever you need without having to purchase a new copy when you run out of space.

What do you get when you purchase the Joyful Abundance Journal? Here’s a sample screenshot of a few of the pages to give you an idea. Each page is beautifully designed and you can read through it on screen or print it out in colour or black and white.

  • A 29 page PDF file with beautiful colours and photos.
  • A simple and effective DAILY ABUNDANCE evidence list to rapidly attract more abundance.
  • Self discovery questions and prompts to help you gain clarity around abundance and what it means to you.
  • How to identify and change limiting beliefs around money and abundance, so you can break free of what’s holding you back!
  • Understanding the relationship between your feelings and abundance and how to tap into ‘abundance feelings’.
  • Creating an Abundance Playlist unique to you.
  • Abundance Affirmations and Abundance Intentions, and the difference between the two.
  • Making money decisions and playing with the fun possibilities of abundance.
  • Crystals for abundance and how to use them.
  • Rewriting your money story.
  • Making space for abundance in your physical environment.
  • Mindfulness Moments and activities to help you become more abundant.
  • Practical Abundance-Increasing Ideas.
  • Abundance Activity Tracker printable sheet.
  • Creating your own Abundance symbols or logo.
  • Guidance through oracle cards.
  • Blank journalling pages for freehand writing and ideas.
  • Eight Abundance themed colouring pages.
  • Inspiration, guidance, and motivation to become your natural abundant self!


With the perfect combination of inspiration and practical tips and tools, the Abundance Journal will raise your vibration and help you tune into the abundance that is your birthright.

…How many times have you bought a journal or notebook but not written in it because you don’t want to wreck it? I know I have! With this downloadable journal you can simply reprint the pages you want whenever you want, thereby always having a fresh page or fresh new journal any time you like. It also saves you having to buy a physical journal that might only last a short while… this one will last you for the rest of your life, so is much more economical too!

If you’re a member of my Free Facebook group INSPIRED INSIGHT you may have done the 8 Day Abundance Challenge… this journal is an extra add-on to the tips you learned and will help you advance your abundance and joy to the next level. To celebrate the launch of this new journal, you can download it for only $18! (AUD). Did you know that 8 or numbers with 8 in them represent abundance?


Ready to align with the energy of abundance?

YES! Send me the journal please for the special investment of $18.00! (AUD)



Wishing you an abundance of joy, love, health, and happiness…



Any questions or issues please email jtmauthor(at)gmail(dot)com 

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