Fiona Lowe answers Juliet’s Ten Awkward Author Questions!

In this segment, authors will be subjected to a list of awkward questions that may reveal more about themselves than they really wish to share, and they will receive a score on the ‘Braveometer’. If they choose to answer only five questions, they are a ‘Brave Author’, if they answer 6 to 9 questions they are a ‘Mega-Brave Author’, and if they answer all 10 questions they are an ‘Ultra-Brave Author’!

Please welcome Fiona Lowe to the blog! *applause*


1. If only one of your books could have been / could be published, which one would you choose? (C’mon, I don’t want to hear ‘Oh, I love them all, there’s no way I could choose.’ Time to be ruthless, these are the Ten Awkward Questions after all!)

Logically, if my very first book hadn’t  been published then perhaps none of the others would have been. An author learns with each book she writes and I doubt I could have written Boomerang Bride without the foundation of the previous eleven medical romances. I love this book for a heap of reasons….it is my first single title, it is a completely different style of book from my category romances, it struggled to get published and now it is a RT Book Reviewers’ Choice Award nominee and Harlequin are going to print publish it for their NA Reader Service.


2. Okay, now which one of your children/family members would you… nah, just kidding! Which of the following words most accurately describes your best personality trait (you must pick only one!): Punctual. Good listener. Neat.  Graceful. Generous. Cheerful.

Ohhh, hard choice between generous and cheerful. Better go with cheerful.


3. Which of the following words most accurately describes your worst most challenging personality trait (even if you’re perfect, you must pick one):

Always late. Blabbermouth. Slob. Complete klutz. Scrooge. Grumpy pants.

This one is much easier to answer.  Blabbermouth in that I like to talk, but NOT in disclosing secrets because I can be a vault of information if required.


4. Have you ever had a romantic crush on one of your characters? Who and why?

LOL, EVERY single hero I write. I think you have to love him to write him so you can show him warts and all and make your reader fall in love with him.


5. When writing an important scene, do you act it out to allow you to better describe what’s happening?

If it features a lot of movement then I act it out. I have even hung upside down from a window to replicate a scene.  Once when I wrote a dinner scene with eight people, I drew a seating chart so I knew who was sitting where.


6. Do you talk to yourself when writing or coming up with plot ideas?

I often find myself having the conversation between my characters. It was only embarrassing when I did it in the supermarket. Got a few odd looks!


7. Who would be ideal to play YOU in a movie of your life?

Alyson Hannigan who plays Lily in How I Met Your Mother.


8. If you could be any book character for one day, who would you be and why?

Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice because she gets Darcy AND Pemberley. I love me an English country manor house.


9. You’re about to be left on a deserted island for a year, and while your basic food and water needs will be met, you can only bring one extra thing from the following. Which would you choose?

a) A pen and notepad that never runs out

b) An unlimited supply of books. 

c) An unlimited supply of chocolate, coffee, or alcohol (your choice)

d) A gorgeous man/woman depending on your preference

An unlimited supply of books.


10. If you had the attention of the whole world for two minutes what would you say?

Treat all people from all nations like you treat your child… care for them, expect the best of them, champion them,  encourage them, care for them, give them skills, share your wisdom and love them.


Thanks Fiona, you have been awarded ‘Ultra-Brave Author’ status on the braveometer!




Visit Fiona at her website.

Boomerang Bride Out Now! Top Pick by RT Book Reviews! Published by Carina Press

Nominated for an RT Book Reviewers Choice award!

Sydney Harbour Hospital: Tom’s Redemption April 2012

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  1. Great interview girls! I often dress how my characters would dress during the day I spend in town. My friend is never sure who she will be having lunch with – me or one of my characters!

  2. Another fab interview. I LOVE what you would tell the world!!! And your personality just shines through in all these answers 🙂

  3. Fleur, I am such a hopeless shopper that I dress my characters from catalogues!

  4. LOL, Thanks, Rach!

  5. Thanks for taking part in the questions, Fiona. I had to laugh at the hanging from a window bit, and wonder how you actually managed that!

    I also test out the conversations between my characters. 😉

  6. You hung out a window?? Now that’s dedication!!

  7. Juliet, your questions made me smile 🙂

    Fiona, you deserve your star rating here. Hanging out a window upside down – love it. Now I can tell DH I am normal! See, honey? All writers talk to themselves, the dog, the mirror, the computer screen, the shopping trolley…

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