Mouthwatering Moment… by Meredith Mileti (PLUS worldwide giveaway!!)

Today’s Mouthwatering Moment excerpt is from AFTERTASTE – A NOVEL IN FIVE COURSES by Meredith Mileti…

“Don’t move,” he says, getting up from the table and crossing the kitchen. He hefts a large cast iron pot from the oven. He lifts the lid, cups his hand, and wafts the steam upward toward his face. Even from across the room, the smell makes me want to swoon. Jake has made my favorite dish—his signature take on cassoulet, made with wild boar sausage braised in Barolo, cannellini beans, fennel and sweet red peppers. I can hear the hollow snap as he breaks the delicate crust of toasted bread, garlic and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. He fills a shallow bowl and places it reverently in front of me. “It’s not exactly summer fare, but I know it’s your favorite. I missed making it for you this winter. It actually works nicely with your pizza recipe, which has always been one of my favorites. We make a pretty good team, don’t you think?” he says softly. “Go ahead, taste it.”
“Aren’t you going to join me?”
“Of course,” he says, raising his eyes to meet mine. I watch as he fills his plate, picks up a bottle of wine and two glasses, and joins me at the table. He pours us each a glass of red wine. “Well? He asks, his eyes focused, unblinking, on my face.
I spear a piece of meat, which yields easily to my fork, and raise it to my lips. I take a deep breath and close my eyes…The flavors are at once complex and earthy. I taste every ingredient: the thick, slightly gamy taste of the boar; the subtle undercurrent of the fennel, which, when braised, releases a delicate licorice perfume; the gentle creaminess of the beans; the smoky heat of the roasted peppers; the harmonious balance of the wine.
It tastes like love.

Meredith’s favorite meal/indulgence: I love mussels. Any time, any way. (I’ve even been known to eat them for breakfast!) My favorite preparations are either steamed in white wine and shallot butter, or grilled and tossed with basil breadcrumbs. Just add a warm, crusty baguette and a glass of chilled Sancerre and I am a happy, happy girl.

Thanks for sharing your Mouthwatering Moment, Meredith!

Visit Meredith online here, and on twitter here.

To WIN one of two copies of AFTERTASTE, please leave a comment below. This competition is open WORLDWIDE and will be drawn at the end of the month. Thanks for your generosity, Meredith! (All comments left by blog subscribers will also be put in the draw for a Mouthwatering May special prize).

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  1. Rebecca raisin

    So evocative! I can taste the rich cassoulet from here! This is exactly the kind of food writing I love to read. And it’s cooked with love and tastes like love -sweet 🙂

  2. Your writing style has a rhythm of its own; it draws in the reader. I like the language, the portrayal through food of the relationship – yields easily to my fork, the subtle undercurrent of the fennel, the harmonious balance of the wine – all neatly tied together with – It tastes like love. The title is fantastic, it would catch my eye in a book store.

  3. Wow Meredith, that’s pure food porn. Very visual writing. I could almost taste it. Bravo!

  4. Hi Meredith,
    Food definitely has sensual properties and you’ve captured them so well in this excerpt.

    Thanks for having Meredith as your special guest blogger, Juliet.

  5. It’s certainly a ‘mouthwatering’ excerpt! Thanks for dropping by Rebecca, Gayle, Efthalia, and Serena 🙂

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the lovely comments! I woke up to them this morning–it’s just after 8 am US time. Thanks also to Juliet for coming up with the concept of Mouthwatering May. Don’t know about you, but I just love reading about food (and thinking about food and writing about food, shopping for food and, of course, eating!)



  7. Just give me pizza, ice cream and hot chocolate milk, then I’ll be happy.
    When I taught in school, one of my student got b’day party celebrated in school. From far away I could smell hot melty cheese. Suddenly, my appetite is awakening. The first bite that I took is undescribeable. That was the 1st pizza that made me drooling.
    Every meals that ends with ice cream will be perfect. No any desserts can defeat vanilla icecream with cherry on it.

  8. Meredith, you really brought the cassoulet to life for me — yum! Loved the excerpt :).

  9. Rebecca and Juliana have won the copies of Aftertaste! Congratulations girls! 🙂 I’ll be in contact to organise your prize.

  10. rebecca raisin

    Thank you, Meredith and Juliet! I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

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