Mouthwatering Moment… by Marilyn Brant

Today’s Mouthwatering Moment excerpt is from ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAE by Marilyn Brant…

Elizabeth caught Rob staring at her again across his mother’s dinner table. He was surprisingly silent amidst the family chaos. She, meanwhile, was left to answer questions galore from Camilla, Sammie and even an occasional triplet. Dishes clattered as roasted potatoes, manicotti, grilled carrots and tossed salad with crouton cubes were passed back and forth. Hunks of bread slathered in garlic butter were distributed to the crew. Wine or soft drinks were offered. Nobody dared refuse anything.

“None of that stinking low-carb stuff for us Gabinarris,” Rob’s brother Tony whispered to her with one eyebrow cocked. They all watched as Rob and Tony’s mom, Alessandra, heaped several spoonfuls of potatoes onto little Sammie’s plate.

Alessandra stopped abruptly, ladle in the air. “What happened to my music?” She looked accusingly around the table. “Roberto, was it you?” she said.

Rob shook his head, wide-eyed but with upturned lips, and his mother’s gaze fixed on Tony.


“Oh, all right. Yes, it was me.” Tony rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air.

His mother continued to glare at him.

“I’ll go put it back on,” Tony said.

“You do that, Antonio.” She set down her bowl and crossed her arms. “Fooling with my CD player,” she muttered until the strains of Madonna’s classic “Get Into the Groove” floated into the dining room. “Hmm. That’s better,” she said when Tony returned. And the clattering, clanking, chattiness and general chaos resumed again at the table.

Fifteen minutes later, Elizabeth had managed to mostly relax. The children’s queries kept her occupied and Tony’s wife tossed encouraging smiles her way. She released a deep, pent-up breath. She’d almost done it. She’d nearly made it through the meal without saying or doing anything too embarrassing, thank goodness. In another half hour she’d be able to go home.

She glanced around the lively table. The triplets were making a game of poking holes in their bread. Sammie was still hiccupping. Camilla and her mother were giggling about something they’d seen in a Disney video. Rob and Tony were in the midst of a rousing debate over the previous NFC and AFC champs and the players who’d make the best draft picks for the fall season. Everyone grinned, talked, munched. She took a big bite of manicotti.

“So, Elizabeth,” the family matriarch said loudly, “don’t you think my son should get married soon?”


Marilyn’s favourite meal: Homemade lasagna (my Italian mother-in-law’s recipe) with soft garlic breadsticks and a fresh garden salad

Marilyn’s favourite drink: Sparkling white grape juice (non-alcoholic) or Lemon-Drop Martini (alcoholic)

Marilyn’s favourite indulgence: Sea-Salted Milk Chocolate-Covered Caramels (SO GOOD!)


Thanks for sharing your excerpt, Marilyn!

To find out more about Marilyn and her books visit her website.

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  1. Juliet,
    Thanks so much for sharing my scene from On Any Given Sundae here! It’s a delight to get to be a little part of your “Mouthwatering May” :).

  2. You’re so lucky to have italian mother in law. I bet the food is yummy, especially the pasta. I guess the character of yours are italian too, right. I love this scene especially when the mother asked, ” don’t you think my son should get married ?”


    • Thanks, Juliana!
      My mother-in-law and her whole family were/are amazing cooks. And, yes, the hero of this story (Rob, short for Roberto) is definitely Italian :).

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