Past, Present, & Future with Kamy Chetty (Plus a Giveaway)

Kamy-babyIn celebration of the release of my debut novel, Fast Forward, I’m doing a series of interviews with authors about their past, present & future. Today, please welcome… Kamy Chetty!


1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was five years old. Not sure why or how but I know that if I didn’t follow that path I wouldn’t be a writer today. Weird I know, but life worked out like that.

2. What did you do before you became a writer?

I was a clinical nurse and then a nurse manager. I was pretty good at it too but now I work part time as an education manager so that I can write part time. I would like to think that I would one day hit the bestseller list and never have to work a normal job again but writing full time is a hard life.

3. What is one of your most treasured memories from the past?

Having no responsibilities and being in school. I know I hated it while I was there and couldn’t wait to be grown up but ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing.


FIP4. What’s your latest/upcoming release about and/or what are you currently working on?

Falling into Paradise is an emotionally charged off the charts heat level romance about two people who are scared to love. Damon is the playboy who had his heart broken and he falls in love with Sophie who can’t trust him or anyone else. Together they break through their walls and find that special thing we all desire.

5. What’s a typical day like for you? (If there is such a thing!)

Well I work part time so I go to work in the morning like everyone else and then I work my five hours and come home and work my real job, the one I’m passionate about. Sometimes I forget to feed my kids and they’re knocking on my door saying, ‘what’s for dinner?’

I tend to get lost in my character world, the scary thing is my children know my characters names and what they look like.  I am forever having discussions with my teenage daughter about why Henry Cavill shouldn’t be the hero in my next book because it seems I am stealing all her heroes.LOL.

6. Name three things you are grateful for in your life right now:

That’s easy.

My family, because they encourage and love me and don’t get too mad when I don’t feed them.

The power out there that’s made this happen and has guided me through this journey. I’m really blessed by what I have and what I’ve accomplished.

The family and friends and people in my life that have been so amazing. I am always grateful to them for making my life richer.



??????????????????????7. If you could fast forward in time to any age or year for just one day, what would you choose & why?

That’s a hard one. It might have to be on both the days my children graduate from college. I think it would be a proud moment because as parents we try so hard to do right by them but in the end, they make their own choices. I’d like to know I’ve taken them that far.

8. If you could have any new technology or invention in the future that would make your life a whole lot easier (or more fun), what would it be?

I’ll take the fun one on this. I think life would be a lot more fun if we could teleport. Then I wouldn’t have to travel anywhere and if I wanted to sit on the beach in Fiji, I could think about it and snap- I’m there. Hot cabana boy optional of course 😉

9. What are your hopes & dreams for the future?

I am going to be a New York Times Best Seller. I am going to set the world alight with my talent and be someone to look out for. That’s my dream and that’s what I will work towards. It takes hard work but I know I can do it.

Thank you so much for having me here, it has been an absolute pleasure.

[Juliet: Thanks Kamy, I enjoyed reading about your past, present, and future, and here’s hoping we’ll see you on that bestseller list!]


Visit Kamy online at her website, blog, facebook, and twitter. You can buy Falling Into Paradise here.

>>GIVEAWAY: Kamy is giving away an ebook copy of Falling Into Paradise. To enter, please leave a comment below. Winner will be drawn on March 28th (Sydney time) and is open worldwide.

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  1. I’d love to teleport too. Just imagine!!

    I’m looking forward to reading FALLING INTO PARADISE.


  2. Teleporting, definitely, Kamy! I’d love that ability. Fun interview ladies, and wishing you good luck in achieving your goals, Kamy. Cheers, Susanne

  3. Louise Reynolds

    What a cute pic. You were (and I’m sure you still are, lol) adorable! Great to read more about you, Kamy. And keep living the dream!
    PS. Don’t enter me in the draw 🙂

  4. Hi Kamy! Hi Juliet 🙂 What a fantastic idea for an interview, past, present, future! I loved it! I’d love the ability to be invisible, not to spy, just to get five mins peace now and then 😀

  5. Loved reading about Kamy’s Past, Present & Future, Juliet! Thanks for hosting Kamy, Juliet!

    Congrats to both you ladies on your fabulous books!

  6. Thanks for visiting and thanks for having me here Juliet. I think another neat trick would be time travel so I can go backhand make better choices;-)

  7. Juliana Sutanto

    If i can teleport, i want to travel around the world. That’s my dream which hasn’t come true yet. So far, i’ve travelled to 2 countries. It will be fun to be able to teleport to anywhere. Just by imagining the place you’re already there in 5 seconds.

  8. Thanks everyone for visiting Kamy at the blog. Susanne (sourris25) is the winner! 🙂

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