Mothers Day Giveaway – books up for grabs!

926565_gift300dpiHappy Mother’s Day for Sunday 12th to all the mums, moms, step-mothers, mothers-in-law, mothers-to-be, single dads, and mothers-at-heart! Read on for a chance to win some books…

I celebrated an early Mothers Day with my mum a week ago, so this Mothers Day I plan on having a relaxing day of reading (I doubt my son will bring me breakfast in bed, but that’s okay because I’m not really a fan of the whole crumbs in bed thing!). I’ve been writing like mad lately, so I think a day on the ‘other side’ might be just what the doctor ordered. 😉

With the special day on my mind, I’ve been thinking about motherhood in fiction (which was the topic of an article I wrote on the Australian Bookshelf blog). Have you read many books with mothers as main characters?

The main character in my novel, FAST FORWARD, Kelli, starts out as a childless twenty-five-year-old until she’s propelled into the future and finds herself as a fifty-year-old mother of two and a grandmother-to-be. Motherhood may be challenging, but it’s even more challenging when it’s suddenly bestowed upon you!

>> I asked around about different books that feature mothers as main characters, and here are a few that were mentioned…

A Man Like Mike by Sami Lee; Want to know a Secret? by Sue Moorcroft; Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips; Hello, It’s Me, by Wendy Markham; I Don’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson; The Girl, The Gold Tooth & Everything by Francine LaSala, What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.

So if you like reading about mothers as characters, why not check them out!

>> And now, the part of this post you’ve been waiting for – the book giveaway!


I’m gifting one lucky person three ebooks from my publisher: Escape Publishing. There are fifty books to choose from, and the winner can pick three they would like. I’ll be gifting them from, so before entering make sure you can receive ebooks from (ie, not UK). You can keep all three ebooks to yourself, or you can choose to on-gift one or all of them to your mother, or a special someone.


1. For ONE entry into the draw, simply leave a comment below and tell me what your ideal Mothers Day Present would be. If you’re not a mother, you can still let me know what your ideal present would be.

2. For TWO entries into the draw, do the same as above and also subscribe to this blog via email (in the subscription section on the top right corner of the page). In your comment please mention that you’ve subscribed. If you’re already a subscriber, simply say ‘I’m a subscriber’ in your comment.

3. For THREE entries, do the same as above (comment and subscribe), and tweet about this giveaway using one of the sample tweets at the bottom of this post. Include your twitter handle in your comment. So, your comment might look like this:

My ideal Mothers Day present would be a day on a Greek Island with a good book. I’m a subscriber. My twitter handle is @MyHandle

The winner will be drawn on Monday 13th May. Good luck, and please share this giveaway with your friends!




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  1. My ideal mother’s day would be lying in bed and having my sons make me breakfast or lunch or something. . . I don’t care about the crumbs – they can be removed. But my sons are precious and my life as a mother didn’t turn out the way I expected, and my favorite memories are of the times when I was sick and in bed and they would bring me water or rub my feet, trying to help. Just spending time with them makes me happy.

  2. My Ideal Mother’s Day present is just spending time with my family. We get up and someone else makes breakfast (it’s the easiest thing to make with minimal mess in the kitchen), and then if the weather permits we take a bike ride together. Lunch would be sandwiches that were made at home and we could stop and have a picnic. Dinner would be out so I wouldn’t have to do the dishes (because even though the family tries to help they do not know how to load a dishwasher.) I don’t care for flowers because they end up dying at some point and leave a mess behind as the petals start to fall off or the pollen gets all over everything. If we can plant a tree or a plant somewhere along the way on our bike ride that would be better because we would be able to visit the spot and see how the plant or tree has grown. It’s something that our daughter can bring her kids to someday and say “we planted this when I was 6.” Little things like that make me happy.

  3. I’m treating myself to a massage. I wouldn’t mind a day to myself where I could read, shop, watch girly movies, etc. But the massage will be so nice!

  4. I’m a subscriber. (Makes me want to sing a Destiny’s Child song….)

  5. @eema2emma

  6. Kim Martinez

    My ideal mother’s day has always been the ones where I stay in bed ALL day long! Eat what I want…that is brought to me…watch what I want and SLEEP! But, if I could go anywhere or do anything…it would be with my husband and kids…an all expense paid beach trip! Just to lie in the sun and the sand with a bloody mary in my hand and a GREAT chick lit book to read!!

  7. Amber Slagle

    My ideal Mother’s Day gift would be Amazon Giftcard!!

  8. a gift card from the coffee beanery… i love coffee

  9. Melinda Garza

    My ideal Mother’s Day gift would be to eat all the sweets I want, do some Las Vegas gambling, and read a good book without any interruptions.

  10. my ideal mother’s day would be to spend with my family. seems we are all always on the go and so spread out. having everyone, in laws and all, together would be quite fun! having the men tend the barbie while the women sit back and tilt back a few would be wonderful. now that the children are all about grown, having a family gathering is precious time. of course we women would be discussing what books we are reading at the moment and looking for new suggestions from one another!


  11. My ideal Mother’s Day gift would be to have my children come home for a few hours and just clean my house! Since they’ve grown and gone, the cleaning service they helped provide has gone with them, yet the mess the hubster makes is still with me. I would love to have a sparkling kitchen, a dust-free shelf, and clean windows to look through without having to lift a finger to make it happen. That, in my opinion, is the perfect gift!

    I have subscribed to the blog.

    Thank you for setting up this giveaway!!!

  12. Sabrina-Kate Eryou

    I am a new mom so my ideal present would be a lot more sleep! 😉
    I just subscribed to your blog and I tweeted about this contest @stereoqueenbee

    Thanks for a great givewaway!

  13. I would love to have a nice brunch with the kids and then spend the better part of the afternoon reading! even better with a glass of wine and some chocolate!

  14. I am a subscriber.

  15. My ideal mothers day present is peace. I have a 10 yr old and 2 year old twins. All boys. So I would LOVE 2 hours of peace and quiet 😛 My house is insane chaos so hubby has promised me I can head to the movies by myself and have lunch by myself on Mothers day…True bliss lol. I subscribed to your blog.

    Kelly Ethan

  16. I’m still single but I’d like to give a massage for my mom. She does all the chores without helper for 28 years. So, it’s gonna be a worthy gift cause I know how tiring is for a 62-years-old woman. I also want to spend the whole day with her cause we seldom meet ecah other.

    Happy Mother’s day all.
    “I am a subscriber”

  17. Taking my mum to a nice day spa were we can all enjoy a lovely massage followed by a nice lunch – just spending time together is the best present

  18. Lovely giveaway idea! My ideal mothers day gift (aside from books) would be a day to myself where I did not have to do anything for anyone else – and toped off with a full ten hours sleep!!

  19. Mary Preston

    My ideal Mothers Day present would be to have the house to myself for the day. Bliss!!

    Email Subscriber:


  20. Ideal Mother’s Day gift- brunch w husband and son. Then day at the spa!

  21. If I could have anything for Mother’s Day, it would be to have all my laundry done and put away!

  22. Sadly I’m not a Mother (only to my animals) But if I had one wish for Mothers day it would be to bring back my own Mother who we lost almost 16 years ago…still miss her xx

  23. My ideal mothers day would be lounging around, watching movies, snuggling with my two boys. I don’t need much to feel blessed and fortunate!

    Mrsmommybooknerdsbookreviews at

    Shared giveaway and subscribed

  24. My ideal Mothers Day present would be a gift card with a large cash value so i could get as many books as I wanted. I’m a subscriber. My twitter handle is @chanpreetsingh

  25. My ideal mothers day gift would be time – just to do whatever I want, I.e. read, enjoy coffee, watch a DVD, and a visit from my son would be a bonus!

  26. Christine L.

    My ideal Mother’s Day present would be a day without responsibilities. Lie in bed all day, reading thrillers and watching sappy movies, alternating sweets with salty snacks (without paying for the calories for that 24-hour period). I’m a subscriber and my twitter handle is @kate_ivan

  27. Thanks to everyone who left a comment and entered the giveaway, I loved reading about all your ideal presents!
    I had a nice, relaxing Mothers Day and I hope you all did too 🙂

    The winner of 3 books from Escape Publishing is… Emily Lewis! Congrats, you have been notified via email 🙂

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