Ten Awkward Questions with Abby Cavenaugh [Plus Giveaway!]

In this segment, authors will be subjected to a list of awkward questions that may reveal more about themselves than they really wish to share, and they will receive a score on the ‘Braveometer’. If they choose to answer only five questions, they are a ‘Brave Author’, if they answer 6 to 9 questions they are a ‘Mega-Brave Author’, and if they answer all 10 questions they are an ‘Ultra-Brave Author’! 

Please welcome Swoon Romance author, Abby Cavenaugh!


AbbyCavenaugh1. If only one of your books could have been / could be published, which one would you choose? (C’mon, I don’t want to hear ‘Oh, I love them all, there’s no way I could choose.’ Time to be ruthless, these are the Ten Awkward Questions after all!)

Since I am a debut author, I’m afraid I get the easy way out of this question. I always wanted GOING HOME AGAIN to be published first, and it was. I have another work-in-progress romance novel I’m working on, and also a YA that I’ve finished but I’m considering rewriting it. If I had to choose between the three of these manuscripts, I’d still choose GOING HOME AGAIN, because I worked on the story for four years and it was so wonderful to finally see all my work pay off.


2. Okay, now which one of your children/family members would you… nah, just kidding! Which of the following words most accurately describes your best personality trait (you must pick only one!):

Punctual. Good listener. Neat.  Graceful. Generous. Cheerful.

Since I am none of the above, except a good listener and generous, I’d say my best personality trait is probably that I’m a good listener, although I am very generous too. Since I’m not a bestselling author (yet), I can’t afford to give to charities the way I wish I could or buy things for my family and friends that I would love to, so I’m going with good listener. Yup. Hopefully my friends would agree! I try to be there for them whenever they need me.


3. Which of the following words most accurately describes your worst most challenging personality trait (even if you’re perfect, you must pick one):

Always late. Blabbermouth. Slob. Complete klutz. Scrooge. Grumpy pants.

I’ll go ahead and say it is my worst personality trait—I can totally be a Grumpy Pants sometimes. I’m really working on that and trying not to be so grumpy anymore, but at certain times, I just can’t help it and I must be cranky!!!!


4. Have you ever had a romantic crush on one of your characters? Who and why?

Yes. I have a crush on Michael Day in GOING HOME AGAIN. He has his flaws, but since I created him, he’s pretty much the man of my dreams. Gorgeous, funny, smart, talented… he’s got it all. *Le sigh*


5. When writing an important scene, do you act it out to allow you to better describe what’s happening?

Yes, I totally acted out my love scenes with the inspiration for Michael Day. Haha, I wish! No, I really don’t act out my scenes, but many of the things that happen in my novels have happened to me, so I know what it feels like. Or at least I can imagine. 🙂


6. Do you talk to yourself when writing or coming up with plot ideas?

I look in the mirror and say, “Abby Cavenaugh, you evil genius!”


7. Who would be ideal to play YOU in a movie of your life?

If I had my choice, Kate Winslet circa “Titanic” when she was curvy and redheaded. I’m brunette but my hair has a hint of red, and I think she’d be perfect to play me. Of course, she’s far more beautiful than me, but let’s face it. No one’s ever going to make a movie of my life anyway.


8. If you could be any book character for one day, who would you be and why?

I would be Alyssa Jones in GOING HOME AGAIN (not trying to pimp out my book, really… I’m being honest!) because as I said, Michael Day is the man of my dreams, and it’d be fantastic to actually know what it’s like to be with a wonderful man!


9. You’re about to be left on a deserted island for a year, and while your basic food and water needs will be met, you can only bring one extra thing from the following. Which would you choose?

a) A pen and notepad that never runs out

b) An unlimited supply of books

c) An unlimited supply of chocolate, coffee, or alcohol (your choice)

d) A gorgeous man/woman depending on your preference

Oh man, that’s a tough one. I would definitely love an unlimited supply of chocolate, but I might go nuts if I didn’t have any way to write down ideas, thoughts and feelings! So I guess I would have to say a pen and notepad that never runs out. That way, at least I could write myself new stories so I have something to read! Haha.


10. If you had the attention of the whole world for two minutes what would you say?

I’d say, “Listen, people. We’d all be a whole lot better off if we did less judging, had more compassion and realized that the most important thing in life is love, not money or power or guns or anything stupid like that. Everyone needs love. Not romantic love but love for your friends and family and your fellow human beings. On the inside, we’re all the same. The sooner we all realize that, the better all of us will be.” 


Thanks for taking part, Abby! You have been awarded Ultra Brave Author on the Braveometer!


Visit Abby online at her website/blog, twitter, and facebook.

>>WIN! You could win a copy of Abby’s novel, GOING HOME AGAIN, or a Swoon Romance title of your choice. Simply leave a comment to be entered in the draw! Winner will be drawn on 1st November and notified via email.

CoverFinalLG-GoingHomeAgainMore about GOING HOME AGAIN…

In high school, it was doubtful Michael Day knew Alyssa Jones existed. 

Twenty years later, when the now-famous pop star returns home to coastal North Carolina, Alyssa gets a second chance to make a first impression on Michael. 

On sabbatical from his failing marriage, Michael agrees to an interview with Alyssa, a journalist for the local tourist magazine. 

When the chemistry between them ignites, Alyssa and Michael are hit with the harsh reality that he isn’t yet free to love her. 

With Michael’s wife and son still very much in the picture, can Alyssa hold out until he ends his marriage for good? Or will she risk it all for a second chance with the one who got away?

Add it to Goodreads.

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  1. Nice interview

  2. Abby, love the choice of pen and notepad, especially as you can create the man of your dreams……..a man who will bring chocolate, and , if he was the man of MY dreams, peace and quiet to enjoy it , while writing and reading. Alas, I think he only exists in dreams 😦 Perhaps one reason I want to read the book?

  3. Thanks for the chance to win.l love friends become lovers books.

  4. Oooh, love the sound of Going Home Again. Popping it on my TBR pile! Good luck with it – and I totally agree with what you’d tell the world!

  5. Lovely interview … love it the way you talk to yourself … LOL!

  6. great interview. Can’t wait to read Going Home Again

  7. Just bought your book , sounds like a good read. Love the cover. Congrats on your debut!

  8. Fun twist to an author interview. I’d love to try that myself, as your guest author or having you on my blog. I think I could answer all nine questions. I agree with Shari – great cover and anxious to add this to my “must reads”

  9. Great to see you here today Abby. I love meeting debut authors. It’s very exciting to be there from the beginning.

  10. Thanks Abby for joining me on the blog, and thanks to those who left comments! Shari is the winner of Abby’s prize. Hope to see you all again, more prizes coming up on the blog soon! 🙂

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