There’s No Place Like HOME… new release & a giveaway!


Ahh, so true…

I’ve recently moved house, and although the others I lived in felt homely, I always knew they would be temporary. Now I finally feel like I’m home. I’m ready to unpack and settle in, and create a comfortable and happy living space. We have many animals; lambs, a dog, cats, ducks, and chickens (just like the character in my new release, Home for June – see below), and I have plans for creating a crystal fairy garden, hanging a tree swing, and having a few special writing spots to create my books. But most importantly, I’m home, because I’m with my son and my partner, and although it sounds cliche, home really is where the heart is.


That is the dedication in my new book, HOME FOR JUNE, a Tarrin’s Bay story about a city chef who moves to the town of new beginnings to set up a restaurant in his parents’ honour, and bumps into his old school friend from twenty years ago, Hannah, whose family farm he wants to buy and who is on her way out of town to move to the city.

Here is the cover and full blurb:


A second chance at love set in the beautiful coastal town of Tarrin’s Bay – after twenty years, will two old school friends finally find home?

Practical and hard-working event planner Hannah Delaney has only ever known life on her family’s chicken farm in Tarrin’s Bay. Needing a fresh start, she has finally made the decision to move to the city. But just when her mind’s made up, her past comes back to town – Luca Antonescu, her secret high school crush.

Grieving the loss of his mother, Luca is back in Tarrin’s Bay after years away working as a chef. He’s finally ready to settle down and open his own restaurant in his parents’ honour. When he runs into his old friend, Hannah’s event management skills seem like the perfect fit for his restaurant’s launch.

But as they work together to set up the new business, secrets are uncovered and long ago feelings resurface. Luca soon realises that he wants more with Hannah. But the woman he wants to share it with has other plans. Will Hannah follow through with her move to the city, or will she realise that everything she’s ever wanted is back home in the town of new beginnings?

It is book 6 in the Tarrin’s bay series but is a complete stand-alone story as are all the others, though there are some cameo appearances by characters from the other books.

BUY NOW >> Home for June is available as an ebook from all online ebook retailers, and can also be ordered in a large print edition. Published by Escape Publishing/Harper Collins: 

Amazon / Amazon AU / Amazon UK / Kobo / Google / iBooks

I hope you enjoy it!

At the end of this post you’ll find a special giveaway, so be sure to leave a comment and go in the draw!


And here are some more ‘HOME’ themed books to get your reading sorted for the next few months! Why not check them out too and do a ‘home’ reading challenge 🙂


Buy Links:


“Home, to me, means Sunday nights around the kitchen bench with a glass of wine, chatting to my family about their weekend, a cat on my lap, a horse or two in the paddock and a dog at my feet.” ~ Pamela Cook

“Home to me means getting together with family, cosy chats in the sunshine or beneath a moonlit sky. Hours spent together, enjoying every moment before the night ends. Peace, harmony, happiness, togetherness. That is home for me.” ~ Enisa Haines

“Home is wherever my family is. Summer evenings splashing each other in the pool, winter nights curled up on the couch watching Masterchef, holidays sharing food and laughter.” ~ Nicola Marsh

“Home is where my heart is.” ~ Fiona Palmer

“Home is family to me, my quiet space where I can be me.” ~ Ann B Harrison


What does home mean to you?



Since home is where the heart is, here is a heartwarming gift for you to win! A beautiful rose quartz crystal pendant from my store Hart and Soul Studio



OPEN INTERNATIONALLY! Winner drawn June 22

To enter:

  1. For ONE entry, leave a comment on this post saying what home means to you, and/or which of the ‘home’ book covers above you like the most!
  2. For an extra SIX entries (this is to celebrate the release of the 6th Tarrin’s Bay book after all!), buy a copy of Home for June and email a screenshot or receipt for proof of purchase to

That’s it! Good luck, and the winner’s comment will be replied to on the weekend of the 22nd June. If the winner doesn’t claim the prize within a week, another winner will be chosen.

Happy June, and happy reading,

Juliet xo 

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  1. Home is where I can relax with those who love and accept me for who I am. I love the cover of Going Home. I could enjoy sitting in that chair watching the sun go down!

  2. Allie Beeston

    I love the cover of Home to Turtle Bay. I’m a lover of Turtles so I was drawn to the title. My daughter lives near Bargara Qld and volunteers as part of the Turtle protection group. She sittings for hours watching and waiting for Mumma Turtle to come up on the beach to lay her eggs. During and after the event the group are busy gathering information to be recorded with National Parks officers. Tag number, number of eggs laid, location of nest and if the nest isn’t in a ‘safe’ location, the group need to relocate the nest. Of the appropriate 100 eggs laid only 1 is likely to make it to adulthood and make it back to that beach in 30 years time. Can you tell I am passionate about saving these special sea creatures and I’m very proud of all my daughter gives so if I was to win the prize would be my gift to her.

  3. Caryl Jannie C. Lazo

    Going Home and Home for June are my fave covers. Home to me is the comfort of the people I love, their hugs and their words of encouragement. Congrats on the new release BTW! ❤️

  4. H.O.M.E is people, pets and 💗 with a cup of tea 💗💐💗

  5. Michelle Elliott

    Home is where my books are and they mean alot to me.

  6. Mary Preston

    LONG WAY HOME speaks to me.

    Home is all about family for me.

  7. Lisa howells

    Home is everything. family, love, a warm hug. A listening ear. Where i can be myself, no expectations. Would love to win.

  8. Juliet, my favourite book cover is Home at Last – very evocative. Home is being fully known. No prerequisites, just be ing yourself.

  9. Melissa Woods

    Home for me is being with my family (hubby, 2 kids, dog and cat) and knowing that at the end of the day we are together.

  10. Home is where my story begins and ends each day. It is the place where I can find my authentic self, and do the work to love myself a little harder. It is a refuge and framework where my family loves me unconditionally and allows me to renew and restore my heart to try again each day. xo

  11. Kathy Griswold

    Home is a place/space where I feel relaxed/comfortable and live my life with family/friends. It’s returning to the coast and being near the ocean and mountains that I love to explore.

  12. Home is where I feel safe, loved and free! ❤️Thank you so much Juliet…for all you do and the wonderful soul you are. xo

  13. I’m drawn to the cover of Home to Turtle Bay as although I live in a town in Essex, home to me is Cornwall. I’ve never lived there but every time I go, I feel like I’ve come home. The sea, the rugged coastal walks, the atmosphere.
    I hope that one day it will be home.

  14. jerileemonaghan8655

    ‘Going Home’ is definitely the cover I like the best and it also resonates what home means to me. My Daddy always kept a nice big white rocking chair on the big porch of his home. He loved the outdoors and you would always find him out there rocking in his chair when you pulled up the winding gravel driveway to his home. As soon as you saw him it was like a sense of peace…because you were home…everything was okay…that’s where all the love was…you were safe!! I now own that white rocking chair and it sits on my porch and that is where my peace is…at my home…where my family comes to share love and food and good times. Sometimes even a tear or two, but we are together in love…like that beautiful Rose Quartz Necklace that I would love to wear next to my heart in honor of my Daddy!! 🤗🙏💖 …JVMonaghan

  15. Fiona Lowes Home Fires cover is the one that I feel drawn towards.

    Home is something that I always thought was a building. I was sad for years after my Gran sold her home and then many years later I was sad again when my Dad sold the house that I had grown up in. Im now in a position where all my children grew up in this house im living in and here I am in this big house that comes to life when they all come home for Christmas. I now realise that home really is only a very small part the building. Its a huge part made of the loved ones that help to create those wonderful memories. I think I have come to understand that home is where I feel loved and secure and the actual location might change from time to time but the love for special family will always be with me.

  16. Natalie Turner

    Home is where i know i can be safe and secure in and is where i can get lots of cuddles from my mum

  17. Awilda Melendez

    Love the pendant it’s beautiful will love to win it

  18. home for me means creating a loving space for my family.. I’ve brought the outside in and it feels fresh and for once I feel content with what little I have as it feels like I have everything I need right now

  19. Home means family, nothing is better than the love of a great man and to have your children all home at once

  20. Home is where I feel safe and comfortable. A relaxing haven after a busy day at work.
    Home at Last for cover

  21. Cheryle Clark

    Home means having my beautiful family close and enjoying catch up time with them. ❤️

  22. Thanks everyone for all the interesting comments about home! It was interesting to see which covers you liked best too. The winner of the necklace is Kathy Griswold! 😀

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