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At Home With… Iris Blobel [Plus Giveaway!]

To celebrate the upcoming January 1st release of THE JANUARY WISH, the first book in my small town series set in Tarrin’s Bay; The Town of New Beginnings, I’ve started a new interview segment called ‘At Home With…’

Today, we’re paying a visit to Iris Blobel, & she has a copy of her book ‘New Beginnings’ up for grabs…


iris blobel1. Hi Iris, where are you from and how long have you lived there?
I live in a small place called Miners Rest which is just outside Ballarat in Victoria. I’ve lived here for almost 9 years.


2. What do you love about the place you call home?
It took me a long time to get used to Ballarat, but nowadays I feel really comfortable here. Without wanting to sound like the town’s advert, but  it’s close to the mountains, the beach and all the facilities in Melbourne.

We live just outside of Ballarat and it is ideal for raising our two girls. I love the sense of community, the friendship, neighbourhood watch and  the idea that children can walk to and from school or friends without parents having to worry.

[Juliet ~ Sounds great!]


3. Do you have a favourite local cafe, restaurant, bar, club, business, or store? Give them a plug here!
The Miners Rest Tavern! YEAH … great meals, great prices, great atmosphere!

In Ballarat – can’t go past the Hogs Breath Café and of course, 99.9 VoiceFM where I present the German Program every Wednesday 🙂


IMAG02314. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names?
Yes, little Spot’s been part of our family for the last three years. An absolute rascal who’s destroyed heaps of shoes in his short life, but a perfect pet and friend for my girls. They adore him and vice versa … and the only dog I know that can put a blanket on him on his own. I am not kiddin’!
Unfortunately, we lost our other dog died two years ago. She was such a loyal companion!

[Juliet ~ Love the tie, Spot!] 


5. What is your favourite room in the house and why?
Oh tricky!
First thought was bedroom ;-). But then the family room, because of that … being with the family. But, I admit, I love sneaking into my youngest girl’s room in winter on a sunny day, or on hotter days you can find me in daughter #1’s room.
So, there isn’t really a favourite room as such. I love our little house with a garden. Something I had always dreamt of when I grew up in a small apartment.


6. If you had to evacuate your house, what three items (apart from people and pets!) would you take?
OMG, I hope that’ll never happen, because I haven’t got a clue on what I could leave behind.

Again, first thought would be my laptop, the big photo of my husband and me, the suitcase with all the photos, books, kids’ paintings, kids’ pressies …. Whoops … not allowed?


7. If you had a magic wand, what’s one thing you would change about your home or your town?
The distance to my family back in Germany!


8. It’s movie night at your place, the popcorn’s out, and everyone’s nabbed their favourite couch corner or armchair… what movie/s will we watch?
Love Actually or Avatar
(My choice would be “Tangled”, but I have a feeling my husband would quietly leave the room after five minutes – LOL)


9. Imagine you have the luxury of a chef for a night and you’ve invited people over for a dinner party, what would you have the chef cook?
“Leberknoedel”, with Sauerkraut and potato dumplings 🙂
I’d probably had to eat it on my own, but it really is very yummy!

[Juliet ~ I’ll take your word for it!] 


10. Name three books on your To Be Read bookshelf or e-reader:
Suzanne Brandyn “Outback Fear”
Lee Goldberg & Janet Evanovich “The Heist”
Cecelia Ahern “One Hundred Names”


11. Name something unique or uncommon that you have in your pantry or fridge:
Spaetzle (certain kind of pasta)

[Juliet ~ You learn something new every day!] 


12. If you could live anywhere for one year, where would you go?
Oh, the choices!
A year ago, I’d probably have said Canada or Scandinavia, but since our travels through the US, I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind going back to Oregon. We loved the diversity of the state!


13. You’ve just received a phone call from a friend or relative, and they’ll be arriving in five minutes for a visit. What do you do?

a) Relax on the couch until they arrive.

b) Put the kettle on; place some (probably homemade) snacks onto a tray; set the table; put flowers into a vase; and light a candle (and maybe even make some place cards with your super calligraphy skills).

c) Put the kettle on; tip out a few cookies onto a plate; check your reflection in the mirror, and wait.

d) Freak out; shove excess household clutter under beds, in cupboards, drawers, and the garage; trip over something in the process; hold an ice pack to your bruised forehead while swearing profusely; check the mirror to see if you’re still in pyjamas; frantically change into suitable clothing whilst simultaneously holding ice pack to your head; fall over again; alternate ice pack between head and location of new injury; then shove ice pack under bed and greet visitors with the fakest smile of pure calm you can muster.

Shame on me … it’s D – I’d probably not trip over something, but I can see myself rushing through my house, tidying up in my PJs, especially at the weekend 🙂 LOL. Thank goodness the house is never in a great state of mess anyway, but I do freak out when things aren’t  “at their place”.


Thanks Iris! 

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