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Past, Present, & Future with…Juanita Kees

DSC_0011_3104In celebration of the release of my debut novel, Fast Forward, I’m doing a series of interviews with authors about their past, present & future. Today, please welcome… Juanita Kees (who, incidentally, was my wonderful editor on Fast Forward!)


1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Sleeping Beauty, I knew my prince would come and rescue me from my tower 🙂

2. What did you do before you became a writer?

I worked in the motor industry in administration and customer service.

3. What is one of your most treasured memories from the past?

That’s a hard one. I have so many to choose from. Our home was always filled with music, books and board games. Dad used to read to us every night and we used to sing with Mum while we washed the dinner dishes (no TV or dishwashers back then, lol). On Sundays, we barbequed at my aunt’s house where we played music and had a sing-along. Dad and his twin brother played harmonicas, my cousin played the piano, I played the recorder and the rest of us played the fool.


Fly Away Peta_200x300_dpi724. What’s your latest release about and/or what are you currently working on?

Fly Away Peta is the story of Jaime and Peta; lovers separated by time, distance and a little interference. They’re brought together again ten years on when Peta’s daughter is kidnapped. There is so much they need to sort through, including finding Bella and healing the emotional wounds inflicted on them by the nasty Paul Price, before they can find happiness. Peta is reluctant to trust Jaime again even though she’s never stopped loving him. He left once before without a fight, what’s to stop him leaving again? Jaime has to make a big decision. Does he stay or let her fly away again?

I’ve recently finished my favourite manuscript, Under The Hood, which will be published by Escape Publishing in March. This is a fast-paced, energetic tale of a woman determined to fulfill a dream even when it puts her in constant danger. When Scott Devin buys a struggling car dealership in a semi-rural area in Western Australia, the last person he expects to see in charge is a stilletto-wearing, mini-skirted foreperson. Exactly the distraction a struggling, male-dominated workshop doesn’t need! But there’s more to TJ Stevens than meets the eye.

TJ Stevens has two major goals in life: to preserve her grandfather’s heritage and protect the program – and she’ll go to any lengths to do it. Scott Devin’s presence is a threat to everything she’s worked hard to achieve, so keeping him at arms- length shouldn’t be a problem…or will it?

5. What’s a typical day like for you? (If there is such a thing!)

Totally unpredictable! I start with checking my emails, followed by a little Facebook before I knuckle down to editing or writing. The emails and Facebook can send me scuttling off in all difference directions over the web before I have to reign myself in and log out. I’m a terrible procrastinator.

6. Name three things you are grateful for in your life right now:

Only three? Sorry kids 😉 – My health, my mind and chocolate


97808579902977. If you could fast forward in time to any age or year for just one day, what would you choose & why?

Ten years into the future when my kids have kids and I get the chance to say ‘Remember when I told you the same thing?’ and ‘I told you so’.

8. If you could have any new technology or invention in the future that would make your life a whole lot easier (or more fun), what would it be?

A robotic housekeeper to iron, cook and clean for me. I don’t like housework at all. I’d much rather be writing.

9. What are your hopes & dreams for the future?

Tough one! I’d love to see world peace and acceptance among people. Maybe one day it will happen through strong, solid leadership, who knows. As for dreams, I’d love to see one of my books on DVD or in the cinemas with Chris Hemsworth in the leading role 🙂

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Visit Juanita online at her website, blog, facebook, and twitter. Buy Fly Away Peta here.


Mouthwatering Moment by… Juanita Kees

Today’s Mouthwatering Moment excerpt is from Juanita Kees’ soon to be released book, FLY AWAY PETA.


The time has come to face her worst fear and the clock is ticking…

Peta Johnson will go to extreme lengths to protect her daughter Bella. When Bella is kidnapped, the search for her takes Peta back to the small country town of Williams, a place she’d vowed never to return to. The town where her dreams were shattered and her nightmare began. Back to the place she’d been destined to meet two very powerful, yet very different men. One would break her heart, the other would destroy her soul. Both would change her life forever.

Back story: Bella is missing, and Peta and Jaime have spent an uncomfortable night together, under guard, in a hotel room as they wait for demands from the kidnapper….

In the outer room of the suite, Jaime stretched his cramped muscles. A knock at the front door made him start and almost spill his coffee.

“It’s me!” He heard Mark call out and crossed over to open it.

“Special delivery! Your shaving gear,” Mark said, patting the stubble on Jaime’s jaw, “And boy do you need it!  Some clean clothes and breakfast.” Triumphantly, Mark held up first the gym bag and then the brown paper bag.

Jaime shook his head. “Why the hell are you so chirpy so early in the morning?” he asked, rubbing his head. It had developed a dull thud. Probably from too much excitement the night before. He wasn’t used to being shot at, or being confronted by a past he’d been working hard to bury. Either way he was going to bleed, he thought grimly.

Mark laughed as he popped muffins into the microwave. “Go and shower. You’ll feel better.”

Jaime picked up his kit and headed in the direction of the shower. Whistling, he soaped himself and washed his hair. He allowed the warm water to rinse his body, enjoying the invigorating spray as it battered away the numbness of sleep.  Turning the water off, he reached around the curtain for a towel and realized there wasn’t one.

“Damn!” he said and then yelled, “Oi Mark, bring me a towel, mate!”

He heard the door open a few seconds later and swept the curtain aside. Peta stood there, the towel slipping from her hands as she stared at Jaime, her mouth rounded in an ‘Oh!’

Quickly she looked away. “Why are you still here?” she asked abruptly. Picking up the towel with nerveless fingers she muttered, “Mark and Jones went out to get some more milk. Here’s your towel.” She thrust the towel at him. God, she remembered that body well. From the glimpse she’d gotten, he was more muscular than before, bigger even than she remembered.

Quickly, he wrapped it round his waist. “Thanks.”


Juanita’s favourite meal: A nice, juicy Prime Rib, medium rare, topped with prawns and garlic and served with creamy mashed potato and herbs

Juanita’s favourite Drink: Nespresso Coffee – preferably served by George Clooney

Juanita’s favourite Treat: Bailey’s (hold the ice), sprinkled with chocolate mint flakes

Thanks for sharing your excerpt, Juanita!

To find out more about Juanita and her book, check out her website here. You can also find her on twitter and facebook.

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