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A Valentine’s Day Poem made from Book Titles

In honour of The Day Of Love I thought I’d share some romantic books with you in a unique way! Here is an impromptu poem I created using the book titles from Escape Publishing’s February releases


Take your loved one on a few VALENTINE’S DATES or run the risk of being struck down by THE CHIEFTAIN’S CURSE.

There are HIGH STAKES on this special day and you are BOUND BY HER RING after all.

Forget about FINDING ELIZABETH or some other young floozy; stick with the woman you have ARRANGED TO LOVE.

Spoil her, love her, and maybe even give the house A BASIC RENOVATION and repaint the bedroom in THE PALER SHADE OF AUTUMN.

Life moves fast, so don’t FAST FORWARD, savour every moment and she just might organise some extra special ROOM SERVICE to thank you.


And an Escape ebook pack would be an awesome gift… just sayin’ 😉

Now, here are the gorgeous covers for the February releases, which you can read about and buy here.

Don’t forget – launching on Valentine’s Day, the Escape authors are having an Escapade – 30 authors, 1 story, 1 month. Watch the fun unfold at the Escape blog.

0213 VDay Escape Web TEASER

My poem made from book titles!

As an avid reader, writer, and creative person in general, (with a slight, okay… a fierce competitive streak), when I saw a contest for making a poem out of book titles I just had to enter! 

Thanks to my writer buddy (and collage poet) Diane for sharing the link to the contest, and to Janet Reid for organising it and reading through all the entries.

I had a lot of fun pulling books from my neatly organised shelves and playing around with the titles until I came up with the final result; a romantic comedy complete with a black moment and happy ending 🙂

I didn’t expect to make the top four finalists, so that was a nice surprise!! You can see the results and the winning poem here.

Here is my poem:














So why not give this a go yourself? C’mon, have some fun and show me what you end up with!