The Never-ending Sentence…

While editing my manuscript, I noticed that I’m quite partial to the use of commas, and had to rearrange many sentences. The problem with excessive use of commas, is that they create a never-ending sentence, which, although allows for a thorough and flowing description of whatever it is you’re writing about, can be hard to read, making the reader feel like they’re gasping for air, and most likely making them forget what started the sentence, therefore having to re-read it to understand what’s going on, only to have the same problem repeat itself. See what I mean?

So next time you go to add a comma, think again. Maybe add a full stop/period instead. Or… don’t.

Because sometimes, the opposite happens. The sentences become too short. Short sentences can be good. They give emphasis to certain words or phrases. This can provide a stronger emotional impact. But. Overuse. Can. Ruin. A. Paragraph. Or. Page. Or. Chapter.  

The best sentences read easily, and have a good balance between the two types of punctuation. Like this one.

Keep it simple, read it aloud, and cull those excess little buggers. That’s what I’ve learned. 🙂

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  1. My problem is making my sentences too short. I need to make friends with commas. Or find a balance 😉


    Keep it simple, read it aloud, and cull those excess little buggers. That’s what I’ve learned

    very true!

  3. Love it!! you had me laughing… I do that all the time. Then I notice in the 2nd draft … I laugh at myself for ridiculously long sentences.

  4. Thanks for commenting. Glad I’m not the only one who struggles with sentence length!

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