Welcome to MOUTHWATERING MAY! Guests galore, Food, Books, & Prizes!

It’s here – my first ever themed blog month: Mouthwatering May!!

As I said in my previous post, books and food are two of life’s greatest pleasures, so I decided to combine them (and besides, I had to come up with a word that goes well with May 😉 )

So what’s it all about? Well, there’ll be more blog posts than usual, but each will have something to do with food, food themed books, or something mouthwatering (like a romantic scene from a novel). There’ll be guest interviews, excerpts from novels, recipes, and prizes to win. Okay so I’m not giving away a kindle or a car or anything flash, just some nice little goodies that I know readers and writers will enjoy.

Over the coming month there’ll be:

* Mouthwatering Moments: brief excerpts from novels to give you a taste (pardon the pun) of what the book is like, and hopefully leave you wanting to read more!

* Guest interviews: I’ve secured some interviews with successful authors who just so happen to have food-themed books, stay tuned to find out who!

* Sunday Lunch interviews with both published and aspiring authors: sharing how food is a part of their life (apart from the obvious fact of staying alive, that is), and things like the ingredients that make up successful novels.

* Articles: I’ll throw in a couple of articles on writing craft, with food as a metaphor.

* Food-themed books: I’ll share some great books that have food as a theme, and no, I don’t mean cookbooks, but novels.


Do you want to win a prize?


Well here’s how…

Subscribe to the blog (on the side menu) so you can keep updated as to when new posts are published. Being a subscriber makes you eligible to be in the running for my competitions. Don’t worry, you can always unsubscribe after May if you’re just in it for some cool stuff, I won’t be offended, but of course I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the blog posts and stay on board!

For every ‘Mouthwatering May’ blog post you comment on, you’ll receive one entry into a random draw at the end of the month for one of the prizes. That’s one entry per post, not per comment, so you can’t go leaving a hundred comments on the one blog post – it won’t work! But if there are, say, 20 blog posts, and you leave a (valid) comment on each, then that’s 20 chances to win a prize. Some of the guest authors may choose to offer a prize too, but to enter you’d need to comment on their particular post.

Can you win a prize if you’re not from Australia?

Yes, as long as it’s not a prize containing food. I’ll update the prizes at a later date, but for now, here’s some piccies of some of the goodies you could win:

There’s a beautiful Paris book-box containing Lindt Mint Intense and Raffaello choccies, plus some cute Paris sticky notes, there’s a copy of the book ‘Georgia’s Kitchen’, as well as a copy of the same book PLUS a gourmet bag of Cadbury Coco truffle chocolates! Is your mouth watering yet?

So let’s get started – the first special post will be tomorow (Wednesday 2nd) and will be a Mouthwatering Moment for you to devour, so remember to stop by and leave a comment. One of the prizes above could be yours!



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  1. Such a great idea – looking forward to May.

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