Mouthwatering Moment… by Rachael Johns

The first Mouthwatering Moment excerpt for May is from JILTED, by Rachael Johns. This book will be published in June, so here’s a little taste…


‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ he scoffed. ‘You’ll be a wonderful mother. You were always good with Lucy, still are.’

‘Thanks,’ she smiled meekly. ‘But it’s a moot point. First I’d have to find a man to have kids with.’

As if that would be difficult, he thought. Did she really have such a low opinion of herself? Without thinking, he reached out and brushed his fingertips along her cheek, tucking an errant strand of hair behind her ear. She caught his hand against her cheek, holding it there as they gazed into each other’s eyes. His pulse thrummed hard and fast. He felt himself leaning forward, losing his balance and much, much more as he stared at her lips and imagined them playing erotically across his. One hand still pressed to her cheek, he reached the other up to steady himself against the tree and dipped his head.

Right before Lady Gaga’s latest hit started blaring from Ellie’s pocket.


Rachael’s favourite meal: I’ve got a fantasy meal… it doesn’t really matter what the food is (as long as there’s no mushrooms or olives or seafood involved) but my kids will eat it ALL and they won’t fight and bicker or put their feet up on the table while we’re eating it!

Rachael’s favourite treat: Cake – pretty much any kind except fruit cake.

Rachael’s favourite drink: Diet Coke.

Thanks Rachael for sharing your excerpt, I can’t wait to read JILTED!

You can visit Rachael’s website here, and remember to leave a comment below to be in the running for the Mouthwatering May prize draw at the end of the month!


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  1. I like the cover. Unfortunately, the review of the story is too short. I’d like to know more about the book.
    My favorite meal is also seafood, especially shrimp and fish. I don’t have any objection to any flavor of cakes.

  2. Treat was a surprise – I was expecting chocolate 🙂

    And the favourite meal. I totally agree and share that one, i have it too.

    Jilted is getting soo close, I am so excited for you!

    Cake – favourite would have to be chocolate mousse cake or chocolate mud cake.

  3. Now that is one very sexy extract!

  4. I am really looking forward to reading Jilted, Rachael! Thanks for sharing the teaser.

  5. Your love of diet coke is legendary, Rach! Love the extract. EXTRA heart the cover – one of the nicest I’ve seen! Congratulations on the release. Can’t wait to read it.

  6. It’s a great little taste isn’t it? And yes, don’t forget to read the first chapter of the book on Rachael’s website 🙂

  7. Aw thanks Erin. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  8. Okay that’s too much of a tease. You can’t leave us hanging like that. More please!

  9. Hot extract!!
    I think if you could find a way to create that meal you’d be a rich lady!

  10. suzannebrandyn

    Absolutely love the cover Rachel, and the excerpt well it makes you want to read more. Yes please. lol…

  11. suzannebrandyn

    Absolutely lovely cover Rachel, and the excerpt made me want to read more. I’m looking forward to the read. 🙂

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