Mouthwatering Moment… by ME!

Today I thought I’d share one of my own Mouthwatering Moments with you! This scene is from THE JANUARY WISH, and unfortunately it is not published, but I hope it will be one day.

‘You never got to eat any Death by Chocolate,’ Mark said, a smile oozing from the corner of his mouth. ‘There’s still an hour and a half left of your birthday, how about we try and catch Café Lagoon before they close, and grab something to take-away?’

Sylvia’s smile grew wider. ‘As Grace told me today, ‘every birthday is a gift worth celebrating’, so I think it’s my duty to make the most of it.’

‘Especially at your age,’ Mark said, spicing his words with sarcasm.

Sylvia twisted her lips to one side and gave him an evil glare. ‘Watch what you say, mister, or –’

‘Or what?’

‘Or…I’ll thump you with my walking stick.’

Mark snorted. ‘In that case, I better think before I speak.’ It felt good to muck around with Sylvia, especially after the stress of tonight. ‘Anyway, in all seriousness, I think Grace is one wise girl.’

‘She sure is,’ Sylvia replied, accepting Mark’s offer of his outstretched hand.

At ten minutes to eleven they pulled up outside Café Lagoon, and Mark jumped out, before ducking his head back in the car. ‘What can I get the birthday girl?’

‘I’ll have a hot chocolate,’ Sylvia replied.

‘And to eat?’

‘Um… surprise me.’

Mark smiled and rushed inside. A staff member was wiping down tables and the last of the customers were filtering out. He paid for his order and then got back in the car, placing the cardboard tray containing the hot drinks on Sylvia’s lap, and the paper bag containing her ‘surprise’ between the two front seats.

‘Let me guess…a dandelion chai for you?’ Sylvia asked.

‘Of course.’

She tried to peer into the paper bag but he stopped her. ‘Uh-uh, wait till we get to the lookout. It’s a surprise, remember?’


My favourite meal: It’s hard to choose one favourite meal, but a meal I cook often that I love is lamb cutlets with sauteed bok choy and mushrooms, drizzled with toasted pine nuts and mustard dressing. The combination of flavours is beautiful.

My favourite treat: Guylian Belgian chocolate seashells (but I usually only have them a couple of times a year – birthday and Christmas!)

My favourite drink: A frothy soy hot chocolate 🙂

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  1. Love the walking stick line. And the rest. AND your favourite chocolates!

  2. Thanks Rach, glad you like the walking stick line. Mark’s been teasing Sylvia all day about getting older 😉

    Speaking of chocolates…. now I’m tempted!

  3. I love hot chocolate milk especially at cold night with a book in front of a fire place.

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