Mouthwatering Moment by… Bolton Carley

Today’s Mouthwatering Moment excerpt is from Bolton Carley’s non-fiction piece, ‘Sophisticated Palette…Not so Much’, from the 6S network.

When it comes to my husband’s food passion, routine and consistency generally trump variety. His brother is no different, as every day I am expected to pack the same traditional granola bars, gala apples, and sandwiches for their lunches.

In my sleep, I cake ketchup and mustard on wheat bread, slap on slices of Kraft American cheese, and ponder the meat selection like a witch that threatens, “I think it will be you, my pretty” as she throws one into the bubbling caldron. In my attempt to spice up their daily noontime meal, I rotate between turkey, barbecued chicken, roast beef, roast pork, hard salami, and their oh-so-healthy personal favorite: bologna. This week the slices-of-bologna to number-of-sammies ratio was not equivalent so I promptly warned my hubs that one would be downing Oscar Mayer b-o-l-o-g-n-a while the other was stuck with icken slicken (his term for chicken) today.

Aware that there will be a mad dash for the bologna, I can only imagine Chariots of Fire streaming in the background as they, in slow motion, race to the lunchbox tearing the sandwich out to raise it up in victory like a gold medal or a chunk of the Berlin Wall.


Favorite Meal –prime rib, homemade hashbrowns, sautéed green beans, and freshly-made bread with butter

Favorite drink –Although I’m a regular Mountain Dew girl, you can’t beat a traditional strawberry daiquiri, but if you really want to do it up right, just line up the Cool Whip-covered Jell-O shots!

Indulgence – warm breadsticks, Reese’s peanut butter cups, my couch, my fur blanket, and an afternoon watching Dirty Dancing

You can find Bolton’s humor blogs at and or her middle grades verse e-novella, ‘Hello, Summer Vacay!’ at Amazon. 

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  1. My indulgence is a hot romance novel, soft music, hot chocolate milk, warm bed and blanket with stars and moon above.
    I can spend a whole day just to finish the book because I’m so dying to now what will happen next. As you know curiosity kill cats. It happens to me.

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