Invitation to join my Street Team!

1061611_45489307You may have heard the term ‘street team’ before, or maybe you haven’t. In any case, what my street team will be is a fun group of like-minded readers who want to be the first to hear my latest news, read excerpts, see covers, and win prizes.

Many street teams require you to write reviews of the author’s books and help promote them… in my street team there are no obligations and no pressure to do anything, however, using word-of-mouth to spread awareness about my books is of course appreciated and will not go unnoticed, and if you do decide to write a review, that is great, but it is not required. I want you to want to spread awareness, not feel you have to.

So what is the difference between being part of this and being a fan on my facebook page or a newsletter subscriber?

The street team will be my first port of call, it will be my ‘inner circle’; an exclusive group for interaction, fun, and friendship. I will share things with my street team I won’t be sharing elsewhere, and I will reward members with regular giveaways, freebies, and competitions. I may also invite other authors over for a private online chat with us. [You can read more about the concept of street teams here.]

The only requirements to join are that you like interacting with others online in a friendly and supportive way, you enjoy discussing books with others, and you have read and enjoyed any of my books. If you’ve enjoyed my writing and look forward to more, then you’re welcome to apply for the street team (otherwise, why would you want to? lol ;))

Bear in mind this is a street-team-in-progress. If you’re accepted I will invite you to join a private facebook group.

The name of the team is Juliet’s Jewels, because who can resist a bit of colourful, sparkly fun?! You’ll even have the opportunity to give yourself a special ‘jewel name’ if you wish, such as Radiant Ruby, Dazzling Diamond, or Quirky Quartz…etc, just for a bit of fun! 😉

Sound interesting? If you’d like to apply to become a member of Juliet’s Jewels, please click on this link and fill out the form.

I’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted and will send you a link to join the private facebook group.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to having you on my team! 🙂


P.S – any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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  1. Princess Pearl reporting for duty 😉

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