Ten Awkward Questions with Emma Mills

In this segment, authors will be subjected to a list of awkward questions that may reveal more about themselves than they really wish to share, and they will receive a score on the ‘Braveometer’. If they choose to answer only five questions, they are a ‘Brave Author’, if they answer 6 to 9 questions they are a ‘Mega-Brave Author’, and if they answer all 10 questions they are an ‘Ultra-Brave Author’! 

Today, please welcome YA author, Emma Mills, who is celebrating the release of WitchHunt!

1. If only one of your books could have been / could be published, which one would you choose? (C’mon, I don’t want to hear ‘Oh, I love them all, there’s no way I could choose.’ Time to be ruthless, these are the Ten Awkward Questions after all!)

Hmm the problem with this question is that so far I have only written a book series and you really need to read them in order! So it would need to be WitchBlood, because without the beginning the rest wouldn’t make sense! However, WitchBlood was my first attempt at writing and since then I have learnt a LOT! And I know from my reviews that my books have become better with each new release… so WitchBlood (but I should probably do a re-edit!)


2. Okay, now which one of your children/family members would you… nah, just kidding! Which of the following words most accurately describes your best personality trait (you must pick only one!):

Punctual. Good listener. Neat.  Graceful. Generous. Cheerful.

Hmmm Punctual…possibly, but mostly ‘last minute’. Good Listener… I try to be. Neat… definitely not and I don’t think I’m particularly cheerful either. Maybe Graceful is the best (I still have the ‘bottom in/shoulders back’ posture that was drummed into me at ballet school). I was training to be a dancer until I injured my back at age 17.


3. Which of the following words most accurately describes your worst most challenging personality trait (even if you’re perfect, you must pick one):

Always late. Blabbermouth. Slob. Complete klutz. Scrooge. Grumpy pants.

Haha! It’s a choice between Slob and Grumpy Pants! Recently as I’ve been selling our house I have been forced to be tidier and clean more often, but due to the extra stress of my husband working 250 miles away I think I’ve been extra grumpy… So let’s go with Grumpy Cat… who I feel a certain affinity with!


4. Have you ever had a romantic crush on one of your characters? Who and why?

Hmm generally all the WitchBlood fans seem to love the vampire Daniel (as they should) but because I created him as a main character and know all his idiosyncrasies it feels weird in an almost incestuous way… I also have a soft spot for the clan leader Sebastian. It’s a power thing, also he’s very sexy!


5. When writing an important scene, do you act it out to allow you to better describe what’s happening?

Erm no! No acting here, but I do visualise it. I’ve always been excellent at daydreaming; in fact it showed up on my school report cards many times! So the characters become very real in my head.


6. Do you talk to yourself when writing or coming up with plot ideas?

Yes, I both talk to myself and hum a lot! But when your kids are at school and your husband is working 250 miles away, you have to talk to someone right? I even talk in my sleep…


7. Who would be ideal to play YOU in a movie of your life?

My life is going to have to get a LOT more interesting for there to be a movie made… but if I was to choose an actress… I’d go for Liv Tyler because I love her. I love that she’s not skinny, that she got to be an elf and she’s got similar hair to mine. She’s also only 1 year younger 🙂


8. If you could be any book character for one day, who would you be and why?

I’m tempted to choose Bella Swan, not because I love her character, but because I’d get to stand at the top of a redwood tree with Edward Cullen… but I think I’d have more fun choosing to be Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair. It’s about as close as you can get to travelling through time & space (minus The Doctor) AND you travel into literary classics. What could be better?


9. You’re about to be left on a deserted island for a year, and while your basic food and water needs will be met, you can only bring one extra thing from the following. Which would you choose?

a) A pen and notepad that never runs out

b) An unlimited supply of books

c) An unlimited supply of chocolate, coffee, or alcohol (your choice)

d) A gorgeous man/woman depending on your preference

I hate these questions and refuse to answer… I can never choose and will never get stranded on a deserted island… see I told you I could be grumpy!


10. If you had the attention of the whole world for two minutes what would you say?

Errm ‘Hi…’ and ‘Errm what the heck is going on? Why do you want to kill each other? And can we please start being nicer to animals?’ Then I’d sidle away quickly and quietly… blushing bright red!


Thanks Emma, you have been awarded Ultra-Brave Author on the Braveometer! Okay so question 9 was almost an answer, but I’ll give it to you 😉


WitchHuntEmma’s latest release: WitchHunt

As the Christmas season is ripped apart by the news that Jess’ old friend Alex has been turned into a vicious killer, festivities are dropped, Jess returns to England and the hunt begins. But Alex isn’t the only one being hunted, for Mary has found a way to extinguish the entire bloodline of Malden witches, and it is Jess’s book of shadows that’s the key. As things hot up, Jess finds she must leave Daniel and the safety of Manchester in a final hunt for her nemesis, Mary. In a fight-off that only one of them can survive, loved ones will fall… daemons will rise… but who will survive?


Find Emma online:

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Witchblood>>WIN! To score an ecopy of WitchBlood, the first book in Emma’s paranormal YA series, please leave a comment below. Bonus entry if you like Emma’s Facebook page (let us know in the comments that you’ve liked it).

Winner will be drawn 18th November and notified via email and on this blog. Good luck!



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  1. Leassa *stalker from your facebook page*. I’ll enjoy reading your book, Grumpy Pants. (evil stalker grin)

  2. I can’t wait to read your book.

  3. lol love these questions. And personally number 9 I would have said all of the above ;P Congrats on your new release and I liked your facebook page love the banner 😉

    Congrats again.
    Kelly Ethan

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