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Have you entered to WIN? Plus, a secret is revealed…

Blog Tour PictureIt’s been just over a week since my debut novel, FAST FORWARD, was released, and what an amazing week it’s been! It feels great to have a story out there, and even greater having had such great feedback from it so far! A BIG thank you to those who’ve bought it, reviewed it, told their friends about it, and messaged me to say how much they’ve enjoyed it. It really means a lot.

Have you taken part in my blog tour yet? It’s happening all throughout February, and you could win a $50 Amazon Gift Card (to buy ANYTHING), or the runner up prize of a $25 Amazon Gift Card. It’s easy to enter, simply comment on any of the guest posts or interviews I’m doing during my blog tour. You can see the full schedule via this link, but here’s a run down of the blogs I’ve visited so far so you can check them out and leave a comment. Every blog you comment on counts as one entry, so comment on more to have more chances to win! And remember to share the details with your friends 🙂

  • At the ARRA blog I share the blurb for Fast Forward and tell you a bit about my inspiration.
  • At Rachael Johns’ blog I talk about The Creative Curse, and share photos of celebrity drawings I did when I was a teenager.
  • At Strange Candy Reviews I share how I went from idea to publishing contract in nine months.
  • At the RWA blog I’m being interviewed under the Author Spotlight and sharing a brief excerpt.
  • At Mochas, Mysteries, & More I’m sharing an excerpt involving a dangerous piece of support underwear!
  • At Read in a Single Sitting, Stephanie Campisi wrote up a fantastic feature article based on my interview which is all about The Art of the Do-Over Novel. I also discuss why I opted for digital publication.
  • At You Gotta Read I talk about why I’ve Gotta Write, and also share my writing process.
  • And at Manga Maniac Cafe I’m being asked some interesting interview questions such as how I came up with the idea and the characters, what my character’s theme song would be, and what book turned me onto reading.

On Monday 11th Feb I’ll be at Romance Book Paradise discussing time travel in romance, so keep an eye out for that one!

Also, you could win a bonus $25 gift card when you purchase Fast Forward by forwarding your receipt to fastforwardbook(at)gmail(dot)com !

Okay, now for the secret…

Something has been brewing at the Escape Publishing headquarters. An idea has surfaced, thanks to innovative Ainslie Paton and the backing of the wonderful Escape team. The Escape authors, or Escape Artists as we are known, are going on an Escapade! No we’re not jetting off around the world for an adventurous holiday or African safari (although, there’s an idea), our Escapade is taking place right on the Escape blog.

To get straight to the point:

30 Authors – 1 Story – 1 Month

That’s right, 30 Escape authors are going to join forces to write one short story over one month, with each author’s contribution being posted daily on the Escape blog from Feb 14th onwards! Anything could happen, and we are just as in the dark as you are! Each contribution will follow on from the one before, so the authors only have a short amount of time to read the previous installment and write the next bit. It could be amazing, it could be a flop – but it will be entertaining! Make sure you follow the Escape blog and follow @escapepublisher on Twitter to follow the story, and visit the blog every day from Valentine’s Day onwards. My contribution will be posted on the 23rd Feb. I’m excited, and also a little scared!

See you on the Escapade! 🙂

0213 VDay Escape Web TEASER

My first interview about FAST FORWARD

Juliet2011Just a quick blog post today to let you know I’m over at Monique McDonell’s blog talking about my upcoming book, FAST FORWARD, and my writing processes. Here’s the link.

I’d love you to come and say “Hi!”

I’ll also be on Anita Heiss’ blog very soon talking about five things I’m grateful for, and Lindy Dale’s blog for her 23 Days of Christmas interview series, so keep an eye out!

I’ve been busy writing guest posts and doing interviews for my Fast Forward Blog Tour which will commence in February 2013. I’d like to get as many of these as possible written before Christmas so I can spend more time in January working on my next book and revising another one. Whether it’s blogging, interviews, or working on a novel – I’m always writing in one form or another!

Hope to see you over at Monique’s blog 🙂